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 Compestre Cabana Alegre - Patzcuaro/Morelia Hwy

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Compestre Cabana Alegre - Patzcuaro/Morelia Hwy Empty
PostCompestre Cabana Alegre - Patzcuaro/Morelia Hwy

When driving from Cuanajo to Tzintzuntzan, we thought it would be a good plan to have a bite of lunch. Previously we had noticed the Cabana Alegre and its somewhat unique appearance. We guessed that it might be part of a chain but didn't let that deter us.
A nice facility that happened to be well screened to reduce friends (flies) joining one in their meal. I thought it a bit different when taking fotos in one of the rooms and noticed that the room appeared to be dedicated to Marilyn Monroe with paintings, posters and fotos adorning the walls. Kathy and I split a plate of mixed (chicken & beef) fajitas. Hard to screw up such an entree and we were not the least bit disappointed as it was quite tasty! Just right for a lighter lunch with a nice cold cerveza.

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Compestre Cabana Alegre - Patzcuaro/Morelia Hwy :: Comments

Re: Compestre Cabana Alegre - Patzcuaro/Morelia Hwy
Post Wed 07 Sep 2011, 13:10 by Peter
A number of times now I have heard from several that mentioned flies. Although those creature are not non-existent here they have been worse than usual this year no doubt due to an unusually warm winter and a fairly hot spring season this year.

This was mentioned by several people who were either new to the area or visiting and not heard so much from locals. I guess those of us who experienced the seasons this year kind of expected a little worse than usual so passed by them unnoticed for the most part.

I have seen that place along the highway but never stopped. The Marilyn Monroe hook is good, might have to try a beer there someday. That lunch platillo looks great also. Might just make it a whole meal.
Re: Compestre Cabana Alegre - Patzcuaro/Morelia Hwy
Post Wed 07 Sep 2011, 17:49 by cheenagringo
Now you are going to get me in real trouble! Kathy walks around Mexico like we are on a "forced march" and cannot understand why I keep taking fotos that show her from the rear. Sorry but one has to stop to take a picture!
Don Cuevas
Re: Compestre Cabana Alegre - Patzcuaro/Morelia Hwy
Post Thu 08 Sep 2011, 09:27 by Don Cuevas
I had understood that Cabana Alegre is owned by the same people that own Quercus, the fraccionamiento of weekend and vacation homes up on the road o Santa Clara, where we used to live. (In Quercus.)
Mchael Dickson (Felipe Zapata) gave Cabana Alegre a thumbs down a while back.

Neil, you sped right by Mariscos La Güera Campestre, a few miles back toward Pátzcuaro.
Re: Compestre Cabana Alegre - Patzcuaro/Morelia Hwy
Post Thu 08 Sep 2011, 09:59 by cheenagringo
Could be that we are less discerning due to our lack of experience with other restaurants to compare it with? Two ice cold Coronas and the mixed fajita platter were just fine for us. The service was attentive, the restaurant appeared to be very clean and the lack of flies was a real plus.

I had suggested Mariscos La Güera Campestre based upon your high recommendations but Kathy nixed the idea since she wasn't in the mood for seafood on that particular day. Come to think about it, when we headed on towards Patzcuaro and Tzintzuntzan, it didn't appear that they were open (Monday?).
Re: Compestre Cabana Alegre - Patzcuaro/Morelia Hwy
Post Thu 08 Sep 2011, 18:27 by Peter
It would appear we have reached that time of year when flies are no longer an issue, at least not in Morelia now. You just know when to show up. I believe the rainy season is over also, though that doesn't mean it will not rain at all any more. Mid-September and no rain for three days. I have seen one fly in the past week. Looks like we're ready for an early Autumn.
Re: Compestre Cabana Alegre - Patzcuaro/Morelia Hwy
Post Fri 09 Sep 2011, 11:34 by cheenagringo

You may be a bit premature in your predictions about the rain:
Re: Compestre Cabana Alegre - Patzcuaro/Morelia Hwy
Post Fri 09 Sep 2011, 14:33 by Peter
I would certainly welcome more rain. If they have the path correct that looks like it could come inland and fizzle out over near Morelia. End of the rainy season doen't mean no more rain, just no longer on a regular and daily basis. The worst storms in terms of flooding and wind damage, it seems, will come after the regular season in the fall. Those are the ones that often close shop on tourist spots for awhile.

Morelia had some low spots along the river where sertain low neighborhoods would get some flooding periodically. They've taken measures to prevent that in the last few years. If such a storm comes inland like that and this far in then we may see those measures over-taxed and have some problems. Our colonia sets up fairly high and when it rains heavy our street can look like shallow rapids with all that water heading down to the rivers.

When the rainy season has passed it often means the worst is yet to come. The rainy season here just means it is regular and predictable and typically not troublesome. I'll be waiting and watching for that storm. I just saw my second fly this week out buzzing around over my upstairs patio. Thanks.

Compestre Cabana Alegre - Patzcuaro/Morelia Hwy

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