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 Internatio​nal Food Festival Morelia: Morelia En Boca

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Internatio​nal Food Festival Morelia: Morelia En Boca Empty
PostInternatio​nal Food Festival Morelia: Morelia En Boca

Morelia en Boca 2011 - El Festival Internacional de Gastronomia y Vino de México

México – Nueva York
27 al 29 de mayo
Centro Cultura Clavijero, Morelia, Michacán

"There is no route out of the maze. The maze shifts as you move through it because it is alive. "
— Philip K. Dick (VALIS)
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Internatio​nal Food Festival Morelia: Morelia En Boca :: Comments

Don Cuevas
There's some big name chefs reresented there. However, that's not everyone's thing. I'm pleased to see Chef Blanca Vidales present. I admire her and her approach to food very much.
More chefs?
Post Sat 16 Apr 2011, 18:40 by gschell99
Does Diane Kennedy ever make appearances in the Morelia area?
Don Cuevas
Diana Kennedy might as her home base is near Zitácuaro, a couple of hours away.

Lesley Tellez, of "The Mija Chronicles" food blog wrote of a recent DK book signing appearance in Mexico City.
Don Cuevas wrote:
Diana Kennedy might as her home base is near Zitácuaro, a couple of hours away.

Lesley Tellez, of "The Mija Chronicles" food blog wrote of a recent DK book signing appearance in Mexico City.

Being somewhat facetious I doubt Diana Kennedy would show up for anything less than being featured for a book-signing or to show-off some kind indigenous ground cave-insect tortita recipe. More seriously, I doubt that an opportunity to sample "chef" Lucero Soto's idea of authentic pre-hispanic cuisine would do more than prompt her to return to her bed to sleep the day away instead. I might take the event seriously myself, but seeing who some of the featured participants are going to be I am not the least bit enthused.
Re: Internatio​nal Food Festival Morelia: Morelia En Boca
Post Sun 17 Apr 2011, 18:57 by cheenagringo

Now that I have defended myself on another topic, I have to maybe ask a controversial question. Admittedly being a neophyte not recognizing the featured participants, I have to query if there might not just be an opportunity to learn something new that one could use as presented or modified to add to one's menu base of fine dining? For example, we subscribe to BON APPETIT and figure that it is worthwhile if we can spot a couple of recipes of interest each month to try and maybe collect four to six keepers during the year. Heck I would probably be happy with one or two dynamite new recipes each year!
That's me too, I am always searching for something new and tasty, or even old and tasty and buy food magazines to find something I might like or a method of preparation that will take me in new and delightful directions or offer insight on how I can improve some older ideas I use.

There are so many tasty foods out there I believe it is mostly a matter of execution. An identical recipe with one having an emphasis on textures or just a little extra browning can be the difference in sink or swim. Whether to chop by hand, use a food processor, or a blender is no one-method-fits-all sort of thing to me. And there is more, of course. I'm not above altering a recipe to get a little different interpretation. I have to say at this point in time I have many more successes than failures but those proportions of successes wasn't always so. But Istill lack the skills to avoid failures altogether.

I'm sure the new stove will take some adjustment also. Unfortunately over two hours in the dentist chair on Monday weakend my resistence and this week I have put things on hold while recovering so the new kitchen is not much closer to being ready to use. This grippa has not improved my dispositional sweetness any either so have posted very little this week. My contributions to ATS have been a bit more "edgy" though and I have been scoring big in their system this week, when I have the inclination to write something.

When I am feeling less cynical and more peppy, which should be in plenty of time for this festival, I'm sure I will be up for checking it out. After all, Don Cuevas has named a chef he admires and I respect his opinions on food matters. Maybe Chef Lu can even show me how NOT to do something before I might experiment with it. My opinion of Lu may not be so negative if not so highly touted by our former Moreliana and self-proclaimed food expert, Cristina, who now from Mexico City still haunts some of our local boards and continues to take everything to it most absurd extremes. I know Lu's restaurant before it was taken over and I considered one of the better ones beforehand. I have given it many opportunities for improvement that never happened. It's fine for a grilled pechuga de pollo or some such but that does not require much skill. Some of Lu's platters look pretty though.

Morelia really does host and put on some fine events, we are extremely lucky in that regard. Seeing the Doors play here last month was terrific. I'm sure the food festival will be a fine and worthwhile event.
Don Cuevas
In regard to chefs and food writers, I try to make an effort to separate their accomplishments and contributions to knowledge from their all too human personality quirks and peccadillos. My question is, "Have they contributed to our knowledge and enjoyment of a cuisine?"

Of course, our tastes differ, also. So what pleases one does not necessarily please others.

Looking now at the list of chefs represented, I have experienced the cooking (or at least the culinary direction) of Elena Reygadas, of Rosetta; Lucero Soto, of Lu; and Blanca Vidales, of La Mesa de Blanca. Of their three distinct restaurants, I've been most pleased, and above all comfortable at La Mesa de Blanca, because not only is the food good, the service attentive, the setting lovely, but it's priced well within my comfort zone.. I've written of our experiences at Lu and at Rosetta on my blog, My Mexican Kitchen, so I'm not going to repeat it here.

Now, on that list of chefs, another worth noting, from what I've read, is Iliana de Vega, who formerly operated El Naranjo in Oaxaca. I regret that we didn't dine there during the time it was open.

Others, such as Enrique Olvera, of Pujol are no doubt accomplished, but the concept of "Author Cuisine" does not attract me.

In the end, we probably won't be going to any of the events or dinners of this festival. I'd rather go to their individual restaurants at my leisure and time of choosing.

Internatio​nal Food Festival Morelia: Morelia En Boca

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