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 Mistongo in Patzcuaro

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PostMistongo in Patzcuaro

I understand that Mistongo is closing. Wondering if the demise is due to a lack of business or a desire on the part of the owner to either retire or go on to a new business venture? We have had dinner there multiple times on each of our Patzcuaro visits and will personally miss this venue.
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Mistongo in Patzcuaro :: Comments

Re: Mistongo in Patzcuaro
Post Wed 27 Apr 2011, 20:52 by Peter
Not being a Pátzcuaro-ite I haven't had the daily opportunity to visit them, and indeed many trips I do make to visit and stop while passing through we have already eaten comida, most usually at Campestre Alemán in Arócutin. Mistongo was always on a minor list of places to visit and this was due to much advertizing about the place. It may be that because it was so highly promoted that may be an indication that it may have never produced the desired payoff for the proprietors.

Things change over time and that is one of those changes that I never had the experience to know first-hand before its demise.
Re: Mistongo in Patzcuaro
Post Sat 30 Apr 2011, 11:20 by cheenagringo
We are sorry to see this place go. While we probably would not say that their menu offerings were the "best" we have ever had, we did feel that everything we tried there was above average. We always enjoyed the same waitress who provided us with attentive service. We did wonder about the support that this restaurant was receiving since we never saw more than two other tables being occupied. Given the decor, I would imagine that someone else might move into this pleasant space.
Re: Mistongo in Patzcuaro
Post Tue 06 Sep 2011, 12:26 by cheenagringo
Kathy was out doing her evening "walkabout" while I played on the computer with cocktail in hand and discovered that the old Mistongo location had been reborn as: RESTAURANTE GALERIA D'LA CALLE COSS.

Since this was the evening following our large lunch at Compestre Aleman, we decided to walk down for a light dinner. Our first pleasant surprise was that the very same waitress that had been serving us since 2008 was still there! The menu was very similar to the previous fare with a mix of older menu items and some new ones. We had the chicken crepes in a cream sauce but I dropped the ball by not taking photos. They were quite good and were exactly the light fare we needed.

I did remember to take some interior photos that show it mostly unchanged but brighter. First three photos are of the old Mistongo and the next four are the current configuration. Not as much artwork in the hallway or on the interior walls.

Address: Ubicado en Calle Coss No. 4
Centro Historico
Tel. (434) 342-6332

We have always been pleased by what we have eaten there and have found it to be consistent!
Re: Mistongo in Patzcuaro
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Mistongo in Patzcuaro

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