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 Mexican Smoked Fish

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Don Cuevas
Don Cuevas

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Mexican Smoked Fish Empty
PostMexican Smoked Fish

A few years ago, we were introduced to the guisado de marlin ahumado, at the now sadly out of busness Mariscos Los Delfines, on Avenida Lázaro Cárdenas in Morelia.
Later, this became a favorite appetizer as a tostada at Mariscos La Güera .

Last year, I did some investigation on how this savory dish was prepared. I bought a couple of big frozen pieces at Pescadería Soleman of what turned out to be atún ahumado. It seems quite satisfactory, despite the substitution. I stll had over a pound of the smoked tuna in the freezer, and decided to make smoked fish cakes, something along the line of crab cakes.

The (somewhat long) story follows.

I looked up several recipes on the Web, which were useful in refining to my taste the basic fish cakes recipe in "The Joy of Cooking".
My "measurements" are approximate.

I started with 6 medium sized potatoes with the skins on, which I pressure cooked until tender. While they were cooking I slowly cooked about 1/2 cup of finely minced onion in a couple of tablespoons of butter. That was then left to cool.

When the potatoes were done, about 12 minutes, I peeled them by hand.You may wish to let then cool a bit before handling.

The potatoes went into into a large bowl and were mashed with bout 2 tbs butter. The cooked onions were then added.

Leaving them to cool awhile, I hand shredded the smoked tuna. Next, back at the mash, I added 2 whole eggs. In went the tuna, some finely chopped fresh parsley, some chopped cilantro, a few dashes of salsa chipotle, a dash of garlic powder (a lazy lapse but it was fine), salt and pepper to taste. Mmm... also a squirt or two of white wine worcestershire sauce.

I then put a couple of cups of fine, dry bread crumbs, seasoned with a little smoked paprika and seasoning salt in a pan.

I scooped up approximately 1/2 cup balls of the potato-tuna mixture and dropped them onto the bread crumbs. Carefully turning the fish cakes, I coated both sides and the edges. These cakes were placed on plastic film on a tray, covered with another sheet of plastic fils, and refrigerated about an hour.

Meanwhle, I improvised a somewhat picante version of Tartar Sauce.

The afternoon before I'd made an Ensalada de Nopalitos (Prickly Pear salad) with sliced onion, fresh chile, lime juice salt and chopped tomato. All it lacked to finish was some chopped cilantro, sliced radishes and crumbled white cheese. Queso fresco, a rather bland cheese, is the norm, but I had some goat cheese to crumble over all.

To cook the Smoked Fish Cakes, I heated about 1/2 inch grapeseed oil in a large iron skillet, on medium heat. I was able to cook the fishcakes in two batches, about 4 minutes to each side, moving them carefuly about the skillet for optimum browning. Neverheless, a couple got a bit dark, but still acceptable. Of course, I drained them on paper towelling before placing one cake per plate on a bed of bright green arugula. A healthy portion of Nopalitos went on the side.

Here's a photo:
Mexican Smoked Fish IMG_0160

With this comida we drank an agua fresca de mandarinas y naranjas.
Dessert was some peeled and sectioned ripe mangos.

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Mexican Smoked Fish :: Comments

Re: Mexican Smoked Fish
Post Sun 13 Mar 2011, 07:03 by Peter
At this point I am craving one of your fish cakes. I admit to first having seen them after breakfast yesterday, a rather large breakfast by custom, and thinking them very pretty from the photo but with a full stomach not giving much more thought to them at that time. Then as the day went on I have returned to glance at them again, then again until Tere called me for comida - she won't permt me to experience pangs of hunger for long.

Now as I have arisen early and will not eat breakfast yet for nearly three hours I am drawn back to these fish cakes. It is hazy to me at the moment but I feel I had dreamt of them as this is where I came immediately to after powering-up for the day.

I don't believe I have ever cooked with grapeseed oil. Are you able to find this here in Mexico? In Morelia someplace?

It's too bad Tere does not read and understand English well enough to follow your recipes. And I have been too busy with my blog activities. When not working on this site I have now set the Morelia_Amigos Ygroup to moderating and approving all posts there so as to shift all the usual chatter posts to this board along with any other material that is not related to recreational activities around the area. Then there are several other sites I contribute to frequently and catching-up on those has kept me out of the kitchen myself. That should change soon with the arrival of the new stove this coming week.

Truly marvelous, Don Cuevas, I picture myself on the patio as spring weather comes upon us now, away from these keyboard activities, and enjoying a relaxing comida of these cakes and salad. I'm thinking I need to make sure I have a fairly dry white wine on hand to go with this meal. Thank you for the thoughts you have provoked with these photos and recipe, indeed all the recipes and meal ideas you have presented here.
Don Cuevas
Grapeseed Oil
Post Sun 13 Mar 2011, 09:07 by Don Cuevas
Quote :
I don't believe I have ever cooked with grapeseed oil. Are you able to find this here in Mexico? In Morelia someplace?

Last month, when we went to Costco, they were out of the kind of Extra Virgin Olive Oil that I favor. But they did have large jugs of Grapeseed Oil. Note that it's essentially flavorless and has a high smoking point, so it's good for frying. I'd never really used it before.
Re: Mexican Smoked Fish
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Mexican Smoked Fish

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