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 Walpurgisnacht Virgin

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The new kitchen is still very young and hasn't fully developed or matured yet but she was ready to be used for the first time. It wasn't an elaborate meal or very complete in any way, it never is the first time, but it was very satisfying. I worked her up to it slowly, started getting her hot, and things began to sizzle. By the time it was done she had performed beautifully and I was fully satisfied.

I had to take some photos before it all happened. There are still many things needed to make it complete, like the salamandra still needs to be mounted yet, and many more decisions need to be made before other things are added, but getting her fired-up and put through her paces is the plan for May Day. The evening of the final day of April was the last time I would see her untouched. She was ready, this kitchen wanted to cook!

Walpurgisnacht Virgin SAM_0273

The last time I would see my Drago in its pristine state. She now had her ceremonial shawls draped over her shapely handles. The only thing left to do was give her my pork and start makin' bacon. Even toasted some buns.

Walpurgisnacht Virgin SAM_0270

Looking in from a different perspective. This stainless table was a good find at Costco for $1500mx. You can see my pasta maker fastened to the side, it can be re-situated when necessary for certain operations.

Walpurgisnacht Virgin SAM_0263

Tomorrow is the tianguis and I will load up on veggies and such but for this evening I had only been to the carnicería. El Matador is a large carnicería located close-by just on the other side of the central camionera from me. I was able to buy some bread there, some bulk mayo that has a very good flavor and seems a bit lighter than the commercial brands I usually buy. So I had what I needed for a basic Bacon sandwich, no L, nor T, no extras, this baby was mine alone and I was going to put the pork to her and be done but I ended up staying for a couple cups of coffee and a few cigarettes afterwards. I think we're going to be spending a lot of time together after last night, I'm sure of that.

"There is no route out of the maze. The maze shifts as you move through it because it is alive. "
— Philip K. Dick (VALIS)

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Re: Walpurgisnacht Virgin
Post Mon 02 May 2011, 12:56 by JimRP
Re: Walpurgisnacht Virgin
Post Tue 03 May 2011, 20:50 by Peter
Just mounted on the wall above the stove the salamander/broiler I bought from Dawg. It is made by Coriat and delivers very rapid heat. Perfect for adding the final touches or turning out some top-notch molletes. Many uses for this unit. Before installing it we have been using it in a makeshift location grilling meats, quail, and steaks as is done in some top restaurants. The grilling surface is 12 x 30", the unit itself is 35". The stove is made by Drago and has a gratinador/broiler below the plancha/griddle that will work in a pinch but this unit is far superior for intense and even heating. I will ressurrect the "hot plate" traditions that have all but disappeared since microwave ovens were put in every kitchen.

Walpurgisnacht Virgin SAM_0279

Perhaps tomorrow we will put in a proper gas line to service both units. Right now I am using a temporary set-up of a long manguera (hose) going outside to a cylinder by the garden. I have a stationary tank on the roof that services the laundry room, water heater, and the small kitchen all in the front part of the house. The original idea was to run a gas line to the back to the new kitchen on the ground level, but using a tall gas cylinder outside the kitchen by the garden seems like the better idea at this time. We can tie it all in together later on if I feel so inclined. For now we will just put a proper gas line up to a "T" with individual valves going to the stove and the salamandra. In normal use I expect the gas cylinder will last several months between fillings.
Re: Walpurgisnacht Virgin
Post Thu 05 May 2011, 19:53 by Peter
Today I finished the gas fittings but see no reason to include more photos. Next steps will be to tile the wall behind the stove and add a campana (hood), but all in good time.

To give it a proper test I made hotdogs for everyone with the salamander. A bit anticlimactic for the time and money spent on this project perhaps but we will do more advanced stuff very soon. One thing I will add though, these were "perfect" hotdogs if such a thing could honestly be said of the lowly dog.
Re: Walpurgisnacht Virgin
Post Sun 12 Aug 2012, 03:50 by Peter
Re: Walpurgisnacht Virgin
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Walpurgisnacht Virgin

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