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 Swimming beaches

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PostSwimming beaches

Try Pichilinguillo or Faro de Bucerias for a more tranquilo swimming environment.
Swimming beaches Page61-farob39949166
(Arenas Blancas, Carizillo and Pichilinguillo)
Caleta de Campos has pretty good swimming on the town beach when it's not too crowded...

Nexpa, Huahua and La Ticla are probably the worst swimming beaches,
with rocky bottoms, strong currents and big waves.

cheers, alpinelakes
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Re: Swimming beaches
Post Mon 14 Mar 2011, 00:06 by Peter
Caleta is the one place I actually spent some time in the water, something a little rare for me to do anymore these days. As I have observed, there are always a good number of people at Caleta at any given time, numerous palapa restaurants, and a good number of boats pulled up onto the beach. It's always a bit active there. I generally always spend a bit of time in Caleta but then stay at Nexpa where it is typically less crowded, though it has its moments as well.

Pichilinguillo is not very far up the coast from there. I still haven't made it there yet, having found something of a comfort zone for my outings to the south. It's on my "to do" list for when I feel like venturing on. I am a bit surprised to hear Guagua is not a nice beach for swimmers. I am a little curious about what might be the attraction. My neighbor in Morelia who lived extensive time near Lázaro Cárdenas was always suggesting I go there and it sounded as if it was his favorite spot. Perhaps they have good seafood at good price, not sure why he liked it so well.

I'll just mention Playa Azul here because it fills a niche for me by having a long beach of smooth sand for taking strolls and walking barefoot - pretty much what my beach activities are these days. Although there are a number of restaurants and commercial activities there it is nowhere, nowhere near what places like Zihuatanejo are so still qualifies in my book as a quiet beach, most of the time. Still, it is not at all desolate. These things are a plus for me. I don't know of a cajero automatico at Playa Azul to pick up some cash - I hear there is one in La Mira - but combi service goes into Playa Azul to take you into Lázaro Cárdenas for banks and whatever shopping you may need to do at big stores like Soriana or Bodega Aurerra. For the time being it remains mostly uncommercialized yet has some activity. It's still a small beach town but has advantages of being close to a city.

Thanks for posting here. You have a wealth of information about these areas and I have an interest in visiting them occasionally.


Swimming beaches

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