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 A Place Called Chiapas - documentary

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A Place Called Chiapas - documentary  Empty
PostA Place Called Chiapas - documentary

93 minute video
Quote :
While Mexico's indigenous peoples have been struggling for years to gain political representation and economic justice, their battles came to a head on January 1, 1994, when a militant political faction, the Zapatista National Liberation Army (or EZLN), led by a mysterious man known only as Subcommandante Marcos, led a massive raid that took control of five villages and 500 ranches in Mexico. The EZLN's actions were in protest of the ratification of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which (among other things) cleared the way for agricultural imports that effectively destroyed the livelihood of Mexico's poorest citizens. Since then, the Mexican government has ruthlessly hunted down the EZLN and their leadership, though officials have denied the existence of the Peace and Justice Party, the paramilitary group established to wipe out the EZLN.

For A Place Called Chiapas, Canadian documentarian Nettie Wild spent nine months in Chiapas, Mexico, one of the nation's poorest regions and a stronghold of the EZLN, following the activities of both the EZLN rebels and the Peace and Justice party, and scoring a rare on-camera interview with Marcos (who prefers to communicate using the more anonymous and widely circulated medium of the Internet). A Place Called Chiapas won the prize for Best Documentary at the 1998 Los Angeles International Film Festival.

More videos at Free

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A Place Called Chiapas - documentary :: Comments

Hound Dog
Re: A Place Called Chiapas - documentary
Post Fri 11 Nov 2011, 15:18 by Hound Dog

Dawg has watched about 20 minutes of this film and must put off watching the rest until I have more time. I mean; 93 minutes? That is a bit long for an old fart with chronic ADD. So far, the first 20 minutes of the film are what I would characterize as BIMBO Light but, as Juila Child said before her death, you´d be surprised what a complex sandwich you can make with BIMBO Blanco Bread if you put your mind to it. Therefore, I will hold off on any critique of this , at first, rather inane and naively produced film project as I must concede that it is necessary for the filmmaker to introduce her Canadian audience to a place that to so many of them must seem to think is the dark side of the moon. Anyway, when I have more time, I´ll plug on.

Why is it that guys like Sub-Comandante Marcos and now Sub-Comandante Zero, can´t get across their points before the rest of us fall asleep? What incredible bores these people can be. Worse than a Southern Baptist sermon in Bay Minette, Alabama when one´s roastbeef is going to be ruined by an elongated jerk-off sermon from some Reverend Billy Bob who should never have been given keys to the trailer park.
Re: A Place Called Chiapas - documentary
Post Sun 13 Nov 2011, 21:38 by Peter
I was hoping you would have some light to shed on this. Any documentary is bound to be somewhat superficial given the time restraints. Any of the top documentary makers likely have more popular matters to deal with so you are not going to be expecting the first-string to be working on the Chiapas issue so this is bound to be found lacking, but for some of us it may be the only glimpse we get of it. I'll be looking forward to any commentary you have.

Sorry about your ADD, my own problem is dealing with SASD, selective attention surplus disorder. I end up spending an inordinate amount of time taking in matters and material that most people could not care less about. This, however, appears to be one of the few documentaries even looking at this scenario. Those things that completely absorb most Americans like the intracacies of sporting events with player statistics, American Idol, and Dancing With Stars just leaves me totally uninterested. My own interests are even more pointless.

A Place Called Chiapas - documentary

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