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 Amazing Technology

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PostSubject: Amazing Technology   Amazing Technology EmptyTue 12 Jul 2011, 14:42

Peter - Please feel free to move if it belongs somewhere else.

Many of have heard that most of the really nifty pieces of technology have been invented and there isn't much on the horizon. The video below seems to indicate that we are still in the early stages.

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PostSubject: Re: Amazing Technology   Amazing Technology EmptyTue 12 Jul 2011, 15:06

That truly is amazing technology. About 10 years ago some friends of mine that have CNC machines had shown me their 3-D scanning and milling devices. I know a number of folks in that business but these guys have a shop that does injection molding so must be able to make their molds as well.

They could put an object in the scanner and it would replicate it on a CNC mill down to very fine detail but what blows me away with this is that it can fully replicate pieces with moving parts inside, at least to some degree. Perhaps it can extrapolate the function of that crescent wrench and make the mechanism. At the CNC shop they were limited by what could be seen on the surface. Still their tool was rather amazing. This one is a mind-screw.

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Amazing Technology
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