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 Global Drug Policy Solutions

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PostSubject: Global Drug Policy Solutions   Global Drug Policy Solutions EmptyMon 20 Jun 2011, 03:37

New website that is examining the global drug policy impact with regard to implementation of regularization of drug laws.

At the 40th anniversary of Nixon's declaration of the War on Drugs a Global Commission on Drug Policy convened and release a report that condemns the War on Drugs as a failed policy with devastating consequences. This commission was composed of former heads of state and high government officials of various countries. This report has spurred talks and recommendations from many other quarters and for the first time open dialog is taking place, almost all of it favors ending the War on Drugs and reexamining global drug policy.

I myself have been very involved in discussions on other blog sites and authored various ongoing threads on various sites. In order to give the matter the attention it deserves and to discuss various models and proposals in how this regularization might best take place. Essentially the solutions are to end the outright prohibition and adopt differing standards throughout the various communities around the world.

As it stands now there is no form of outright legalization existing in the world at this time only limited forms of decriminalization and consensus is that that policy must change and that no other country should be coerced by any other to keep such prohibition in place.

There is a lot to discuss on this matter and for that reason I initiated the new web board listed above. Putting together that web discussion board has been time-consuming and along with my other blog activities on other sites this month I have had little time to give this site my full attention. I apologize for that. It was my hope by now this site would be somewhat self-sustaining but I still find myself as the primary contributer here. Unfortunately, my attention will be divided for a time but I hope to find more time in the coming days to once again give more attention to this AMIGO site. I thank all of you who browse here and especially those who contribute regularly.

Those who do have the time and inclination to join in those discussions I would welcome your input on the other board. Although those discussions are welcomed here on AMIGO as that is an issue of great concern in Mexico the primary focus here in on living in Mexico and those policy matters need to be considered on a worldwide scale. For that reason and to give the subjects they attention they deserve I created the other site and will also continue to fully contribute to AMIGO as well, moreso once again after the dust settles a bit. Thank you all.

"There is no route out of the maze. The maze shifts as you move through it because it is alive. "
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Global Drug Policy Solutions
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