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 I Found a Good Script for our Spanish Classes

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I Found a Good Script for our Spanish Classes Empty
PostSubject: I Found a Good Script for our Spanish Classes   I Found a Good Script for our Spanish Classes EmptyFri 01 Apr 2011, 23:54

For Amigos in our Spanish classes here is an easy Spanish script about a young witch of age to go out one her own with her black cat to find her new home. It is in Spanish by a Japanese author and has easy but challenging enough dialog.

The text editor is like on the Yahoogroups board and is confused by accents marks so makes a box figure instead. That is another little learning aide drill to figure out the correct accented vowel that belongs there. I was able to read through it without needing a dictionary so it is simple enough for our drills, yet it was just challenging enough to make me have to think about verb tense and such.

Here is a snippet:

AMIGA A: Qu� tipo de pueblo escoger�s?

AMIGA B: Una gran ciudad?

KIKI: Bueno, estoy planeando encontrar un pueblo con vista al oc�ano.

AMIGAS: Oh, que maravilla. Estamos celosas!

KIKI: Pero me voy para mi entrenamiento. No me puedo convertir en
una bruja a menos que viva por un a�o en otro pueblo.

AMIGA C: Pero habr� all� una discoteca, o no?

KOKIRI: Kiki, es tiempo.

KIKI: Est� bien.

KOKIRI: Querida, te vas a ir con esa escoba?

KIKI: S�, la acabo de hacer. No est� bonita?

KOKIRI: No lo est�; es muy peque�a. Toma la escoba de mi Madre.

KIKI: Oh, no! Es muy vieja.

KOKIRI: Es por eso que es la mejor. Ha sido usada mucho,
y aguantar� cualquier tormenta. T�mala, OK?

KIKI: Pero trabaj� tan duro para hacer esta. Cierto, Jiji?

JIJI: Creo que la escoba de tu madre es la mejor...

KIKI: Traidor!

DORA: Kiki, cuando est�s establecida en tu nuevo pueblo, puedes
hacerte una propia, cierto?

KIKI: (Resignadamente) Bueno... (cambia de escobas con Kokiri)

OKINO: Ten cuidado.

KOKIRI: Mirada al frente.

KIKI: Despegar�.

KOKIRI: Has lo mejor que puedas! T�malo con calma! Aseg�rate de

AMIGAS: Vamos, vamos, Kiki! Vamos, vamos, Kiki! Vamos, vamos,

(Kiki despega...)

You can find the whole script here - - We'll work with some scenes and little parts of it but look it over and make any recommendations for a favorite part you would like us to use in class.

Anyway, I think it is appropriate for most of our level and this can be found online so you can save it to memory and print out the pages we will be working with. I still have my printer downtown but will bring it or get another for our library/classroom so we can make copies as needed, but printer cartridges are getting expensive so I may have to levy a small charge for doing many printouts.

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I Found a Good Script for our Spanish Classes
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