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Information, discussions, attractions, and activities in México with a focus on Michoacán, El Alma de México.
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 Saturday Lighting Ceremony at the Catedral in Morelia

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Saturday Lighting Ceremony at the Catedral in Morelia Empty
PostSubject: Saturday Lighting Ceremony at the Catedral in Morelia   Saturday Lighting Ceremony at the Catedral in Morelia EmptySun 13 Mar 2011, 09:18

Now that I no longer make my full-residence in the Centro I still get to experience the lighting ceremony at the Catedral from the third-floor deck of my home in the northwest corner of Morelia just inside the beltway pereférico. In fact I seem to be more regular about watching this spectacular with its fireworks and all than when I lived close by.

The logo photo for AMIGO at each page heading depicts the skyline of Morelia and was taken from my third-level deck. Each week I amble up a floor from where I have my desk to watch this. I am glad to see the fireworks continue as I am accustomed to as they were discontinued for awhile last fall but are now regular once again.

Last night my friend George joined me for the display. Though there were a number of multiple launches of the colorful skyrockets I didn't recognize a Grande Finale at the very end which I am used to seeing, but George said, "That's it. 50."

I never took the time to count them before, I never know there were any set number of launches. So I asked him if that was the usual set number, a matter of tradition. He just shrugged, not knowing for sure. "Fifty??" I repeated back.

"Well, I counted 49," he replied. "But I might have missed one."

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Saturday Lighting Ceremony at the Catedral in Morelia
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