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 La Comida de La Cuaresma

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Don Cuevas
Don Cuevas

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La Comida de La Cuaresma Empty
PostLa Comida de La Cuaresma

It was a few years ago, at about this time of the year, that I went to one of my favorite birrerías, that of Don Prisci's, on the Explanada del Mercado in Pátzcuaro.
That Friday, I was surprised to find that their succulent birria had been replaced by caldos de pescado or camarones and fish plate dinners. Further along, the taquerías were featuring tacos de pescado or of papas y queso y rajas. As a non-Catholic, I'd been unaware of the advent of Lent, or Cuaresma, in Spanish.
Rather than feel deprived, I was pleased by the taste of most of what I sampled during Lent. I blogged these experiences here:

I'm looking forward to trying these and other Lenten foods again.
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La Comida de La Cuaresma :: Comments

Re: La Comida de La Cuaresma
Post Sun 13 Mar 2011, 08:12 by Peter
This seems an appropriate time and place to say something about the drinks of Cuaresma. I hadn't given much thought to it, ot myself being Catholic or actively observing the tradtition except those times I stumble into it as you had when anticipating your birria. I often think of this as a period of abstinence from a number of things that may add a touch of zest to living, though as I have observed it in practice it could mean quite a different thing to different people depending on their own vices and circumstances.

Living near a corner tienda with my terraza facing street-side I witness the daily procession of folks at comida hours coming and going, leaving the tienda with the nearly obligatory 2-liter bottle of Coca-Cola under arm as a daily ritual. I have not especially noticed the time of the observance of Cuaresma putting a damper on that activity though one of my former neighbors had mentioned she felt she consumed too much and too often of that soft drink so that would be on her "Not to do" list that year.

I have not been left wanting for any of the things people put aside during this time. Instead of meat on Fridays people will often serve chiles rellenos which are among my most favorite of local meals and the absence of meat is not the least bit of a set-back for a carnivorous person as myself when these stuffed peppers are served and eaten. Eating of fish is highly touted for its oil properties contributing to overall health, though on the other hand there are also many warnings to aviod over-consuming fish, so Fridays during Cuaresma seems to hit a balance that the pro and con fish-consumers are reasonably happy with and so am I. Wonderful, I eat well and enjoy the meals served during this time.

So it was several years back that my friend that was giving-up Coca (the local reference to Coca-Cola, not the medicine) had invited me over for Friday comida. Quite true to her promise the 2-liter bottle was absent and we were to have a fish and macaroni meal to be in full-observance. Splendid, I was thinking, a simple but flavorful and reasonably healthy meal in the tradition of Cuaresma Friday.

The food was brought to the table but before seating herself our hostess made a last trip to the refrigerator for the final addition to our meal. I then heard a cap being popped and the expulsion of a carbonated fizz, oh well, I thought. Then she placed on the table a one-liter bottle of Corona. I was mildly astonished.

"Cerveza?" I querried.

"Sí," she replied. "I have given up Coca for Cuaresma. I don't like cerveza much and seldom drink any. It is my pennance for the Cuaresma observance." So we had our meal, simple, tasty, and somewhat festive. Cheers!
Don Cuevas
Re: La Comida de La Cuaresma
Post Sun 13 Mar 2011, 09:12 by Don Cuevas
Quote :
"Sí," she replied. "I have given up Coca for Cuaresma. I don't like cerveza much and seldom drink any. It is my pennance for the Cuaresma observance."

Oh, so very Mexican!
Re: La Comida de La Cuaresma
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La Comida de La Cuaresma

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