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 Morelia Live Cam as Melancholia

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Morelia Live Cam as Melancholia Empty
PostSubject: Morelia Live Cam as Melancholia   Morelia Live Cam as Melancholia EmptyTue 15 Nov 2011, 13:15

Now, I´m not one not given to humor without clarity but what is it about the Morelia live cam pictures on this forum of the historic center in crystal clear but melancholic light that truly depresses me? Morelia, in that light, with its severe Spanish architecture and wide boulevards passing somber monuments to the unknown of old New Spain, with its imposing historic centro surrounded by depressing and pedestrian urban blight strething into eternity makes me feel sad. Not that Morelia is unique in Mexico in that regard as it is actually typical of so many overgrown urban centers with doleful and unattractive surroundings characterized by clogged traffic contributed by people going nowhere. I feel the same sadness in Queretaro and San Cristóbal de Las Casas and the desecrated historic center of Guadalajara so this is not a putdown of Morelia. Simply an observation about old Spanish political centers in New Spain. Imagine the nightmarish pogroms needed to establish Morelia, Guadalajara, San Cristóbal, New York and Paris and countless other places carried out without mercy and the clarity of the sun shining down on these places as they exist today which are a gift or a curse from our ancestors.

Is Dawg being too maudlin?
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Morelia Live Cam as Melancholia
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