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 Self protection

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Self protection  Empty
PostSubject: Self protection    Self protection  EmptyMon 31 Oct 2011, 12:15

There have been a rash of minor pickpocket offenses locally, so just thought I'd bring it up for this area, since we all have to deal with the same thing. Maybe some members can add in their own tactics for avoiding these annoyances.

Ours are these: 1. Keep your eyes open at all times.
2. Watch everyone around you.
3. If someone gets close, shout ALEJATE!
4. Husbands can guard their wives backs and handbags by walking
behind them to keep an eye out for possible perps.
5. Thieves are looking for easy targets, don't be one.
6. Somebody looks at you, stare back so they know you're not an
easy victim.

Now, here's a cool story:

Seems some hapless criminal did a purse snatch. The victim, a pregnant woman chased this guy, grabbed her bag back, then kicked him. Obviously she was good, she broke his leg, did a real number on it.

Not a recommended course of action, but in this case it worked a right treat.

A question, how is this dude going to make it in jail when it becomes common knowledge that a pregnant woman beat him up?
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Self protection
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