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 A Report on a Culinary Tour of Michoacán

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Don Cuevas
Don Cuevas

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A Report on a Culinary Tour of Michoacán Empty
PostA Report on a Culinary Tour of Michoacán

An old acquaintance in Chicago sent me a link to this mostly great report by a member of the, a Chicago foodie group.

There are some really amazing foods in this state, although not all of them appeal to me, both at the upper end of the spectrum as well as the lower.

Here's the link:
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A Report on a Culinary Tour of Michoacán :: Comments

Re: A Report on a Culinary Tour of Michoacán
Post Thu 03 Mar 2011, 20:48 by Admin
Funny, I didn't hear a certain name mentioned but has the same haunts. I don't remember anyone ever going to the Inmaculada until after I mentioned it on Mexconnect just to say I took cena there at times. Then everyone I know that knows -her- began to talk about it.

Hotel Casino is where I stayed my first trip here some six years ago. I liked it then and returned on occasion when I felt in the mood for the Centro but some three years or more ago I thought it took a down-turn. Then some time later Istarted hearing a lot of hype for Lucero and understood what happened. As you can see in the photos it is formulaic with huge plates put on small tables - much larger plates than the tables accomodate well and the portions on the over-sized plates leave room for drizzles - which doesn't sizzle me.

Fonda Marceva is good. True tierra caliente stuff. After hearing more rave about Lucero I decided to return again and ordered a favorite from Fonda Marceva, aporeado - which I had eaten there recently at that time. Nowhere close! Of course I was told later that Lucero admits it is not one of his better selections. Why include it then?

Who was their food travel guide? Anyone I know?
Don Cuevas
Re: A Report on a Culinary Tour of Michoacán
Post Fri 04 Mar 2011, 04:25 by Don Cuevas
Admin, their food travel guide was Susanna Trilling, founder of the Seasons of My Heart Cooking School near Oaxaca, B&B operator, and noted cookbook author.

My opinions on stacked and drizzled food, a la Lu, have been recorded on my blog, at

While we are the subject of comida de la Tierra Caliente, we've noted that the Restaurante Caracuaro advertises its fare as such, but we've never been there, I'd seen an earlier location of it out on the Periférico Poniente of Morelia. More recently have sighted a newer location on the highway to Pátzcuaro, on the right in that direction, I think not far beyond the famed Bimbo warehouse but before the bridges. We hope to check this out soon, si Dios nos presta el tiempo.

I'm not exactly sure of the location, but it could be this place, formerly La Palapa, at the exit for La Huerta and Presa Cointzio. Note that the Street View is not up to date.

Apart from these subjects above, I need to spend some time writing and tweaking my blogs, as I have a backblog of material waiting to be dealt with. Posting here has been invigorating, and I shall return, before long.

A Report on a Culinary Tour of Michoacán

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