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Information, discussions, attractions, and activities in México with a focus on Michoacán, El Alma de México.
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 Visitor Comments and Suggestions and Registration Instructions

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Visitor Comments and Suggestions and Registration Instructions Empty
PostSubject: Visitor Comments and Suggestions and Registration Instructions   Visitor Comments and Suggestions and Registration Instructions EmptyThu 27 Oct 2011, 18:28

Comments and Suggestions
In the past AMIGO experimented with open posting in some of its forums but encountered problems with SPAMers so ended that option. Once again because we have many new visitors to this site we will open for visitors to post replies to existing topics, though membership will still be required to start new threads.

As we would like to hear from you please feel free to post comments and suggestions to this thread and we will try this once again. This section will be closely moderated and any SPAM or profanities will be deleted as necessary.

Members may post comments here also.

To Register
For full access to this site and no ads we would encourage you to register, it's easy. Find the "Register" button in the above menu and follow the directions. Select a user name and password and leave an e-mail address so a confirmation link may be sent to you. You must use that link to bring you back to this site and the registration process will then be completed.

It is suggested you select a user name that will permit you to mainain your privacy. No personal or identifying questions will be asked other than you are required to give a working e-mail address to receive a confirmation link in order to complete your registration. That e-mail address can be used to be send a new password if ever needed. Also the site offers options to send notices of replies or personal messages to that address if desired. You may select those options through your Profile and Preference settings.

There are many benefits to registering as a member on this site including members' forums that do not appear to the public and search engines so more content latitude may be granted. AMIGO also offers closed or hidden forums for special activities, discussion topics, or private clubs at no charge. Some types of activities or content may be prohibited however.

Make AMIGO your new online home.

Welcome Amigos!

"There is no route out of the maze. The maze shifts as you move through it because it is alive. "
— Philip K. Dick (VALIS)
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Visitor Comments and Suggestions and Registration Instructions
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