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 New Walmart Open 25 October in Northwest of Morelia and Gringo Breakfast too!

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New Walmart Open 25 October in Northwest of Morelia and Gringo Breakfast too! Empty
PostSubject: New Walmart Open 25 October in Northwest of Morelia and Gringo Breakfast too!   New Walmart Open 25 October in Northwest of Morelia and Gringo Breakfast too! EmptyMon 24 Oct 2011, 16:39

I just took a walk through the new Walmart mall and like what I see. I thought it was a regular Walmart store but Wally's is the flagship of a huge open mall - which means I can smoke outside the stores while window shopping. A number of little shop spaces were still being finished, ready for new stores, and a number of large stores are ready to open their doors tomorrow.

It doesn't appear the food court will be opening on the 25th, a lot still remains to fill in yet, but I see the sign for a Café Europa and another specialty coffee place, Emilio's Grill, City Tacos, a Chinese food shop, and a number of others already selected to move in soon.

Until now this corner of town has been neglected but this new mall will change all of that. A new cinema is being contructed here and there remains a lot of space for more large stores to be built in this new shopping plaza. There are a couple new parks slated for the general area including a long park connecting this plaza with Estadio Morelos where the Monarcas futbol team plays and is directly across from Morelia's transportation central, both about a kilometro from the new Walmart mall plaza. This Walmart store is enormous and appears to stretch around the mall with a super-sized supermercado and electronics shop while the main store still has its windows covered so I could not peek in.

This plaza is about a 5-minute walk from our house so is a very welcome addition to the neighborhood. Best yet, it is across the highway so that it's traffic will not effect us or cause congestion around our streets. After entering Morelia from the Salamanca highway and turning onto the pereférico towads Pátzcuaro there is a long straightaway going west, and then right where the highway makes a sharp turn to the left to head south this shopping plaza will be found in that corner, then it is another kilometer on to the Central and Estadio Morelos.

Best yet, a couple enterprising friends along with our panadero neighbor next-door they are negotiating with a restaurant across from this plaza to take-over their shop for desayunos American-style. I still lack some time on my visa to be able to participate directly with this restaurant as I would like but I have been asked for my counsel to recommend what type of breakfast fare to serve there. Both of these Mexican friends have spent a number of years in the US and miss these American breakfasts but know that the people here would love the offerings. Their first step is to do away with small coffee cups and serve bottomless coffee mugs with waiters toting fresh pots for refills. Biscuits and gravy will be a regular item as will many gringo breakfast delights. I am being called on for suggestions and recipes for these foods and can hardly wait to be a regular customer.

This all shows the power of constructive thinking. I have been picturing such a scenario in my mind since I began building my home here over 6 years ago, picturing what this quiet almost forgotten corner of Morelia could be like. Now it looks like my thoughts have been received and are being acted upon. I love this little colonia so much that I bought a neighbor's little casita with a large tree-filled mature garden for my little getaway just a few doors up from my current large house. This will be a tranquil and grassy little spot to sit in the shade on spring afternoons. I'm going to have to invite you all over here for breakfast at the restaurant and a carne asada garden-side. Maybe we can do some shopping in-between time or take in a movie.

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New Walmart Open 25 October in Northwest of Morelia and Gringo Breakfast too!
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