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Emiliano's Empty

Having been somewhat jaded after our experience at Lu's, we were very happy to find, thanks to Peter, this very good restaurant, so thought it really did deserve its own thread.

At the entrance there are several butcher style refrigerated meat display units offering an enticing array of meats fish and seafood, all beautifully presented. Following the tempting displays there was an old fashioned vegetable stand made up of a number of wooden boxes. Everything was as fresh as if just picked. Moving further along there is a pretty swish bar and several dining rooms. All very nicely decorated. The bar had one of those brass foot rails among other interesting decor items.

We ate in the outdoor patio area which permitted smoking. Peanuts in their shells were served and just as in some coastal areas in the States, everyone just dropped their shells on the floor. It was quite casual, and a fun atmosphere.

I'd say this place has something for everyone. Italian, plus an excellent selection of more American style main dishes.

Unlike some of the somewhat stuffy high end places we have visited in the past, Emiliano's was comfortable, casual but still, in the interior dining areas, quite elegant.

It seemed to be pretty popular as well.

My four cheese and Chipotle soup was outstanding. The big guy enjoyed his pepper steak, but would have liked a few more veggies. So, for those who really like their meat potatoes and 2 veg., you might want to do a side order of extras.

The desserts also looked really good, and were presented on a large tray, I think there were at least 12 delicious looking selections. Since I don't do dessert, I'll leave that for others to add their comments.
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Emiliano's :: Comments

Re: Emiliano's
Post Mon 10 Oct 2011, 22:03 by Amigo
Emiliano's desserts really are good!

The little touches of the place, like the breadsticks and pickled vegetables, the warm bread, and the little cookies at the end of the meal are always much appreciated, too. The menu really does have something for everyone, from the penny-pinching and vegan to those who are inclined to enjoy a really good splurge on one of the expensive steaks (and oh so worth it!).

The Gallo family, who run this place as well as Las Trojes (and maybe Solar de Villagran) have been long-time Morelia restaurant mainstays. THey know what they're doing, and they do it well.

Ya, ya, ya, so it's not world class, Dawg. Neither are you for that matter. But as far as eating out in Morelia is concerned, Emiliano's is definitely top drawer.
Re: Emiliano's
Post Tue 11 Oct 2011, 07:51 by Peter
I have yet to make it to Las Trojes, someday perhaps. Solar de Villagran is another favorite spot. There are a few other places of note but these appear to comprise the best in Morelia.

If someone cares to recommend any others we are all ears and mouths here. I like Bariloche also but they don't put out all the little extras these others do.
Re: Emiliano's
Post Tue 11 Oct 2011, 11:27 by Amigo
Morelia does not suffer from a shortage of good restaurants:

San Miguelito's
Parrilla y Cannilla
Villa Montana
Villa San Jose
Hacienda Asadero (name kinda like that, Lebanese-steak-Yucatan on Morelos Sur)
Virrey de Mendoza (inside)
Las Mercedes
Los Caporales
Re: Emiliano's
Post Tue 11 Oct 2011, 11:54 by Peter
Amazonia and Iguazu are Brazilian espada places, great when you're feeling especially carnivorous. I have heard of several more but haven't been to any others.

Please, feel free to elaborate a bit on any of your favorites there. Are those all hip expensive or are there some real values on that list as well? Locations?

There are two Caporales also, which is the better?
Re: Emiliano's
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