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 Mariscos Villa Rica Mocambo

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Hound Dog
Hound Dog

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PostMariscos Villa Rica Mocambo

¡OK, OK!

Dawg has been patient at trying this well-known old palapa seafood joint in Boca Del Rio, a town I find most attractive and a place worthy of a detour on the way down the Veracruz Coast from Puebla for a fine and lengthy seafood lunch preceding an afternoon nap before continuing on south toward Chiapas and so this time I and my darlin´ wife finally decided it was time to stop and dine there but it seems that, all of a sudden, Boca Del Rio has become a warren of cutthroats inclined to dispose of human detritus along popular boulevards in this affluent and attractive seaside Veracruz burb so we are wondering if perhaps it´s best to just stay on the Córdoba- Minatitlan autopista and lunch on one of those ubiquitous ham sammiches and cold cervezas roadside joints for which we, always pressed for time, have often settled in the past on this journey.

Don´t laugh. Between Arriaga, Chiapas and Juchitan, Oaxaca, the best place to stop for lunch is a whorehouse just over the Chiapas/Oaxaca State lines where the state troopers, Mexican Army personnel and aduana guys hang out between shifts of beating the dogsh*t out of drug runners, Hondureños and Guatemaltecos on their way to California. Damn fine food and great ambiance and they take dogs in the palapa enclosed dining room.

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Mariscos Villa Rica Mocambo :: Comments

Re: Mariscos Villa Rica Mocambo
Post Sun 25 Sep 2011, 23:56 by Peter
I have not been hearing of good times for all in any of the old fun time places like Veracruz. I guess for awhile at least we need to err on the side of safety.

It is hard to say how good or bad places actually are these days. I have no problem getting out and about here in Morelia yet this is one of those places that have a lot of people scared to venture. Things are not always what they are advertised to be. The media can't be trusted.
Hound Dog
Re: Mariscos Villa Rica Mocambo
Post Sun 09 Oct 2011, 09:15 by Hound Dog
Well, we did the Veracruz coast trip the first week in October and overnighted on the beach in Chachalacas north of Veracruz City rather than the city itself because we were late getting there and it was getting dark in NarcoLand. We also never made lunch at that mariscos place in Boca Del Rio although that was due also to time constraints since we figured we could make it home to Chiapas by sundown if we made a beeline there. We put off the Tabasco part of our trip to La Venta, Paraiso, Puerto Ceiba and Villahermosa until next week as the drive was becoming too lengthy. We´ll comment on that trip once we do it.

More about Veracruz, Papantla (El Tajin), the Gulf Coast and the mass murders in Metro Veracruz in another posting under another heading as some of our experiences there may be of interest to some of you who may be tentatively planning to go there or, for that matter, wondering if you should go there to which the answer is, well, yes and no according to the reason for your inquiry.
Re: Mariscos Villa Rica Mocambo
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Mariscos Villa Rica Mocambo

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