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 In Search Of: Morelia Restaurants

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In Search Of: Morelia Restaurants Empty
PostIn Search Of: Morelia Restaurants

I have had difficulty locating restaurants or even trying to find if such restaurant may exist in Morelia. My hopes of obtaining a telephone directory to eliminate were dashed when I finally did obtain the latest copy a few months ago but found most places were not listed there in either yellow, white, or otherwise colored pages. There must be other sources for that information.

Here are a couple online guides to Morelia businesses. Unfortunately these do not include all restaurants or businesses, presummably just those who pay to advertise through these guides. Here are links to a couple of them. If our readers know of others I would ask them to link us up. Since I am looking for restaurants and listing this in La Comida category these links will go directly to the restaurant listings but can be used for other types of businesses by following menu selections at these sites.

Have fun and good luck. These may not include everything but they get me further than before.

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In Search Of: Morelia Restaurants :: Comments

Re: In Search Of: Morelia Restaurants
Post Tue 20 Sep 2011, 10:46 by JimRP
When we spoke about this, I had forgotten another site with similar information. It is

Given the state of updating of many Mexican web sites, I wouldn't be surprised to find the same place listed all three places with different address information on each.


In Search Of: Morelia Restaurants

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