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 Vehicle Importation Permits - Beyond Urban Legends

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PostSubject: Vehicle Importation Permits - Beyond Urban Legends   Vehicle Importation Permits - Beyond Urban Legends EmptyFri 09 Sep 2011, 17:59

This information was originally posted by Edward Clancy, a representative of the Consulate office in SMA, and reprinted FYI on Yahoogroups site, Michoacan.Net - an exceptionally good site and the most active and informative message board in our local area. I am passing this along here to help dispell a number of rumors, urban legends, and general mis-information many have received and acted on over the past few months regarding our temproary vehicle importation permits here in Mexico.

Of especial concern has been the notion that one much re-register their vehicles with Aduana again each year when renewing their visas. I am glad to hear that is not the case according to Aduana representative who offered the information below - some local offices just do not know for sure but would attempt to assist you in doing so if that was your desire. His post:

Quote :
car permits
Posted by: "Ed C" edclancy@... edclancy
Fri Sep 9, 2011 12:00 pm (PDT)

While we are waiting for a Q&A session with Lic. Jorge Pinedo, a representative from Aduana, regarding the rules of car permits, I had a conversation with him today. Here are some things we do know about car permits:

1. If you enter Mexico with a tourist visa, when you leave, the car has to leave with you. For car permit purposes, you may not leave by plane, then fly in with another tourist visa. Your car permit will then be invalid.

2. If you enter with a tourist visa, then receive a visa of No Inmigrante (what is known as an FM3), you do not need to do anything with your car permit. Even though it says it has expired, you may still have the car here in Mexico without having to do anything. You do not need to report anything to the closest Aduana office.

3. If you leave Mexico and re-enter by plane, that is OK, your car permit remains valid. If you drive out after the six month date on your car permit, you should turn in your car permit at the border when you exit and ask for a new one when you re-enter. You may drive out during the validity date of the permit, six months, without giving up your permit.

4. These rules are the same for Imigrante rentistas (FM2 holders).

5. Inmigrados may not have foreign-plated cars.

Lic. Pinedo is investigating the payment and return of deposits and will get back to me.

Edward Clancy

(bold emphasis added)

If anyone here knows Mr. Clancy's proper title and position please help us out with that info.

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Vehicle Importation Permits - Beyond Urban Legends Empty
PostSubject: Re: Vehicle Importation Permits - Beyond Urban Legends   Vehicle Importation Permits - Beyond Urban Legends EmptyMon 19 Sep 2011, 19:23

Ed Clancy's title is Consular Agent, but he's cool with being called "Ed."
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Vehicle Importation Permits - Beyond Urban Legends
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