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 A Past Due Public Thank You

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PostA Past Due Public Thank You

While we had driven around the fringes of Morelia a number of times, we had never ventured into centro and really had the feeling that we probably had missed something.

Prior to our departure for Mexico, we prearranged with Jim P. to meet for breakfast at LU's located at the Hotel Casino. It was planned that Jim's wife Linda and two friends of theirs Clay and Dorian would be there. Quite appropriate since Clay and Dorian were from New Mexico and also involved in the copper business. I was a bit apprehensive about driving into centro since Morelia has typically given us fits but being a Sunday, we had no problems until we found the main drag closed for Sunday walking and bicycling. No big deal as we were able to work our way around and found a parking garage about a block and a half from the hotel. We had a good breakfast and enjoyable conversations over breakfast. Clay, Dorian and Linda went their separate ways after breakfast and Jim was kind enough to take us on his $300 walking tour (inside joke) of centro. Kathy and I really appreciate the time and knowledge extend by Jim! All in all, we learned a great deal and really enjoyed all that he showed us.

We now know that we have been missing something and at the very least will spend a night or two in centro to do some more exploring/learning and that a Saturday night is in order for the lighting of the Cathedral and the fireworks.

Jim: Thank you once again!

PS: Sorry that I disappointed by not showing up in a Brooks Brother button down shirt! (another inside joke)
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Re: A Past Due Public Thank You
Post Thu 08 Sep 2011, 22:03 by Peter
Glad you got a little tour of Morelia's centro. While I enjoy Pátzcuaro and the local villages and all the color this greater area has to offer I have always felt Morelia to be the grand attraction. Maybe you are realizing the truth of that statement about now.

This whole area is a magical experience and so attractive by its many virtues that once coming here I could not bear to be away. Even after six years now it is still like a continual discovery and a challenge to master its byways. To me Morelia is the wizard king of these royal and magical princedoms. I would highly encourage taking a couple days here to discover more about its majesty.

In the past the Saturday night Cathedral lighting was a weekly event with fireworks and ceremony. For the past year now that has not been true as the fireworks are not every week as before. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason for when the full ceremony will be conducted. It appears to be somewhat seasonal now but I have no idea how to predict it. Being here on any given Saturday night is no longer a guarantee. It is still a ceremony that I look forward to seeing, and no longer living in the centro I specifically built a large observation deck on our home largely for the purpose of viewing that spectacular.

Our logo photo at the top of each page of this site was taken from that deck and the fireworks spectacular is spectacular from here, unfortunately unpredictable anymore. Being in the centro at ground-zero you not always see the whole thing but there is much more intensity being that close. That fact that it is no longer a regular event doesn't prevent me from going up topside regularly in hopes of watching it. BTW, once we counted the fireworks launched and came up with 49. We're not sure we may have missed one or had one misfire, or perhaps there are 49 for a reason. 50 would be a more likely round number. Not a shabby show but unfortunately I no longer know for sure when and which Saturdays that will take place anymore.
Re: A Past Due Public Thank You
Post Fri 09 Sep 2011, 08:29 by cheenagringo
Disappointing to hear that the Cathedral lighting/fireworks display has gone to a somewhat random schedule since Jim had made it sound so impressive. Prior to our trip, I had read an article in which the Michoacan Director of Tourism was discussing the Morelia hotel occupancy rate that had dropped to approximately 60%. His answer was that it was because they hadn't spent adequate money on tourism this year. Wonder if this department had contributed monies in the past?

Here's hoping that they return to a regular schedule before our next trip!
Re: A Past Due Public Thank You
Post Sun 06 Nov 2011, 19:48 by JimRP
Unreal.... Cheenagringo, I'm sorry I never saw this before now. Don't know how that is possible, but it is true. Anyway, it was certainly my pleasure to give you the $300 tour!!

Pete is largely right about the Cathedral lighting. At one point, the cathedral was the focus of the evening, and there were even fireworks displays set up on the structure. The way I heard the story, the Bishop decided this was or could be hurting the building, so ended that. Also, the aerial fireworks were moved so they are no longer directly over the church. So, while less impressive than in the past, it is still fun to see at least once. Now, though, it is probably better to watch it from the second or third level of one of the nearby hotels, while sipping a drink. Not the same--but not bad.

Having met you, CG, I no longer expect the Brooks Brothers shirt, and think Tommy Bahama is more suitable! Wink

Ciao for now,

Re: A Past Due Public Thank You
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A Past Due Public Thank You

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