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 Warden Message- Worldwide Travel Alert - US Embassy, Mexico

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Warden Message- Worldwide Travel Alert - US Embassy, Mexico Empty
PostSubject: Warden Message- Worldwide Travel Alert - US Embassy, Mexico   Warden Message- Worldwide Travel Alert - US Embassy, Mexico EmptyFri 02 Sep 2011, 16:13

September 2, 2011

As we mark the 10th Anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the Department of State informs U.S. citizens traveling and residing abroad of the continued threat posed by al-Qaida and its affiliates. While we have not identified any specific threats from al-Qaida affiliates and allies to attack the United States or our interests on the 9/11 anniversary, U.S. citizens should be aware that al-Qaida affiliates and allies have demonstrated the intent and capability to carry out attacks against the United States and our interests around the world. In the past, terrorist organizations have on occasion planned their attacks to coincide with significant dates on the calendar. This Worldwide Travel Alert supplements the July 26, 2011, Worldwide Caution, and expires on January 2, 2012.

U.S. citizens traveling and residing abroad should enroll in the Smart Travelers Enrollment Program (STEP) at the following website: U.S. citizens without internet access may enroll directly at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate at their destination. By enrolling, U.S. citizens make it easier for the Embassy to contact them in case of emergency.

Updated information on travel and security may be obtained from the Department of State by calling 1-888-407-4747 toll-free in the United States and Canada or, for callers outside the United States and Canada, a regular toll line at 1-202-501-4444. For further information, please consult the Worldwide Caution and other consular information, including Country Specific Information, for specific countries. These products and the latest international travel information for U.S. citizens are available on the Bureau of Consular Affairs Internet website at

Americans traveling abroad should regularly monitor the Embassy’s website for updated travel information. Please also consult the Country Specific Information for Mexico as well as the Department of State’s Travel Warning for Mexico, available on the Bureau of Consular Affairs website.

For any emergencies involving U.S. citizens, please contact the American Citizens Services Unit (ACS) of the U.S. Embassy or the nearest U.S. Consular Agency. The Embassy is located at Paseo de la Reforma 305, Colonia Cuautehmoc, Mexico City; telephone (from Mexico City) ( 01-55 ) 5080-2000 and (from the U.S.) 011-52-55-5080-2000; after hours emergency telephone (from the U.S.) 011-52-55-5080-2000 extension 0 and (from Mexico) 01-55-5080-2000 extension 0; the ACS unit fax is 011-52-55-5525-5040; e-mail; and web page is

Retransmitted by Jim Pierce, Warden

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Warden Message- Worldwide Travel Alert - US Embassy, Mexico
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