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 New to Morelia-- Looking for Restaurants

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New to Morelia-- Looking for Restaurants Empty
PostNew to Morelia-- Looking for Restaurants

Hello! My first post here and I'm glad I found y'all...

I've been visiting Morelia for a while, but I just moved here to live. I actually found this board while searching for a good Chinese Buffet here.

(by the way, if anyone has the phone number to the Wang Jiao Comida China buffet restaurant, I would sure appreciate it)

Anyway, I'm more interested in finding places that serve American or Italian food, stuff that reminds me of home...

So, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and I fully plan on paying forward the favor with my own posts and info.

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New to Morelia-- Looking for Restaurants :: Comments

Re: New to Morelia-- Looking for Restaurants
Post Fri 26 Aug 2011, 17:17 by Peter
Hi, welcome to Dodge. I hope our La Comida section can give you some ideas. There is much more though.

Wang Jiao that we know and love is not a Chinese buffet but a sit-down restaurant, there has been hints there is another by that name that may be a buffet. No one has come forward yet to say where that might be though, and if you have a phone directory that won't find you many places at all. We do have a couple "foodies" here that are always on the alert for new places.

You don't mention what part of town you are in which would help narrow-off a couple choices for you. Price ranges vary also so that could make a big difference. There are two spageterías that have almost identical menus and serve a variety of pasta dishes, sandwiches, and salads all with a fairly authentic Italian flair. They are very reasonable priced. Each is located on one of the two parallel streets just one-off Madero in the first two or three blocks west of the acueducto and the Las Tarascas fountain monument. There is another more expensive steakhouse Italian across from the Mega Commercial and the cinema on Artilleros Just off Enrique Ramirez in the Chapultepec/Americas colonias. That one is called Armando's or something with an A like that.

There really are not any "American" places per se that I know of. Most steak houses are more toward Argentina cuts.

Seems the longer we've been here the less help we've become on some regards while the newer arrivals and visitors have all the restaurants scoped-out. I will suggest you meet with a number of us on the restaurant patio of Club Campestre where we meet each 2nd Wednesday each month at 3pm. You can meet a cross-section of Morelia expats who have been meeting like that for over 30 years, and where the newcomers and old get together.

Sorry, not too much in Morelia to remind you of home except the fast food chains. Maybe we can help remind you.
Don Cuevas
Re: New to Morelia-- Looking for Restaurants
Post Sat 27 Aug 2011, 05:33 by Don Cuevas
Wang Jiao Comida China Buffet is on Avenida Camelinas. I don't have the exact address, as we've not eaten there. Somwhere between Calzada Júarez and Enrique Ramírez, if that's any help! On the northern side of Camelinas.

American style chain restaurants: This list does not necessarily constitute a recommendation from me.)

Chiles, at Plaza Morelia.

Applebee's, near Holiday Inn.

Sirloin Stockade, across from Wal-Mart on Calzada La Huerta. (buffet was excellent several years ago, but haven't been there recently.)

Peter Piper Pizza. (Aimed at the juvenile trade, I think.)

Restaurante California, Av. Madero Poniente at Nocupetaro; food something like the Golden Corral, but not as exciting or as bounteous. (I didn't like the Golden Corral, in McAllen, TX, either.)

Sanborn's. Some American specialties. The Open Faced Hot Turkey Sandwich is missable.

Italian: Spaghettería Giancarlo satisfied me, but menu is limited. Bizancio greatly disappointed us.

Peter wrote:
Quote :
"There is another more expensive steakhouse Italian across from the Mega Commercial and the cinema on Artilleros Just off Enrique Ramirez in the Chapultepec/Americas colonias. That one is called Armando's or something with an A like that."
¿Emilianos? If so, that place has drawn very negative, even scathing reviews from the "usual" and various foodies.; one, a good friend of ours. But a certain American Lawyer in Santa María said it was good.

Hamburgers: Hamburguesas Richard's, Morelos Sur #396, Centro. Close to American style (but small yet delicious) hamburgers, wonderful house made French fries. Opens at 1:00 p.m. Closed Tuesdays. Other locations, one on Virrey de Mendoza, whch we haven't been to; another on the west side of Centro, I forget the street. Go tho th main one on Morelos Sur.

Carl's Jr is said to be slated to open at Altozano, but I know almost nothing about that chain.
Re: New to Morelia-- Looking for Restaurants
Post Sat 27 Aug 2011, 08:17 by Peter
Emiliano's sounds about right. I have not been there, will probably go sometime soon, but have heard mixed reviews from raves to rants. I've heard it declared the best in town to horrid but never the worst.

Don Pablo should tell us what sector of town he lives in or likes and we can zero-in on the best places in those parts. Seems like Sta. Maria is almost a different part of the world than the Centro, though one I don't hardly know at all. Chapultepec/Las Americas is a restaurant haven with all kinds of things to choose from and a number of little backstreet places worth mention if you live close, same with Centro.

I still have not found a good American breakfast spot here but Ajijic has several that make that visit worthwhile from time to time. They even have restaurants that stay open late like American spots.

For all-hour stuff try Macro Burger on Madero near the corner of Miguel Silva. Hamburguesas are not American style but their arrachera or carne asada platillos are great. 21 hours a day from 8am to 5am.
Re: New to Morelia-- Looking for Restaurants
Post Sat 27 Aug 2011, 10:17 by JimRP
Don Cuevas and Peter have given you a good list. I do want to comment in one area.

Both Emilianos and Las Trojes are owned by the same person. I find both to be OK, however my preference is for Las Trojes--one of my favorites in town. It feels like a good steak house NOB. Beef is available Mexican style (arrachera, tampiqueña) or US style--rib-eye, other steaks. It is a very popular restaurant, and often reservations are necessary for comida.

Don Cuevas
Re: New to Morelia-- Looking for Restaurants
Post Sat 27 Aug 2011, 15:00 by Don Cuevas
I'm waiting for the first IHOP in Morelia to open. AFAIK, none are planned. There are a few in Mexico City.
Re: New to Morelia-- Looking for Restaurants
Post Sat 27 Aug 2011, 15:55 by Peter
I'm waiting for them to finish the new commercial center near me. Hoping for a Carl's Jr. or a Johnny Rockets like in DF and other places. Carl's Jr. already here or coming to Morelia in Altozano. We can hope for IHOP in this center too.
Re: New to Morelia-- Looking for Restaurants
Post Sat 27 Aug 2011, 21:55 by Amigo
Emiliano's is considered one of the best restaurants in town by the locals. The expats' opinion doesn't count for much in this town, even if the expats think purdy highly of themselves. What could be more American than pizza, pasta and American cuts of beef?

Italian favorites are: Pasta Nostra, Bizancio, Piccolo Roma and Antonellis.

Lots and lots of people like the Liverpool Buffett, even if it does kinda resemble hospital food cooked up by the school cook from junior high.

Don, where do you consider home?
Don Cuevas
Re: New to Morelia-- Looking for Restaurants
Post Sun 28 Aug 2011, 04:20 by Don Cuevas
Quote :
Don, where do you consider home?

Pátzcuaro and environs. We will have been there 6 years as of the end of Sept, 2011.

I agree that some of the visiting expat foodies have a very high opinion of themselves. But everyone has different preferences when it comes to food and restaurants. That's what makes it interesting.

Re: New to Morelia-- Looking for Restaurants
Post Sun 28 Aug 2011, 13:38 by DonPablo

Plenty of food for thought (pun intended)...

Sorry for the late reply, but I'm still waiting for the internet to be hooked up and have to rely on Cafe Internet. I'm living in Colonia Centro, on Calle Vasco de Quiroga, but everything is just a 35-40 peso cab ride away, so no problem with places in any part of the city.

I've scoped out a few restaurants and I certainly could survive on the fast food places or chain restaurants like Chili's. I also can get some italian sausage and stuff from home at Sam's Club, but there's nothing like a good sit-down meal. And, yeah, an American breakfast would be awesome. The California buffet in Plaza Morelia advertised a Buffet Americana awhile ago when I had visited, but it was awful-- eggs, fried hot dogs, and pancakes without any maple syrup to be found.

A friend told me of an Italian restaurant owned by an actual Italian who married a Mexican woman and moved down here...any idea what the name would be? I love the Mexican people, but they are horrible at giving directions...They always tend to give points of reference rather than solid street directions. "Alla por donde vendian tacos al vapor, a un lado de la farmacia." lol.

Thanks again...and I welcome all additional input.

I DO have one place to recommend. La Cueva de Chucho by the old bus terminal is expense, but has some awesome Tacos al Pastor and it's open 24 hours (there's nothing like good Tacos al Pastor at 4am, after a party.)
Re: New to Morelia-- Looking for Restaurants
Post Sun 28 Aug 2011, 16:42 by Peter
That Italian restaurant sounds like Spaghettería GianCarlo which is on Aquiles Serdán at Revolución. Aquiles Serdan is the first parrallel street north of Madero (Melchor Ocampo west of Av Morelos) and Revolución runs alongside Mercado San Juan (Revolución).

I described it above. Very good food, simple and moderately priced. One of my favorite spots. They open around 1-1:30 until about 6:30. Used to be 7 days a week but now I believe they have an off-day in middle of the week sometime.

Great that you're living in the Centro. Vasco de Quiroga is one of the heaviest travelled by pedestrians. Lucky you to have Mercado Independencia so close by. Great cocina economica booths inside the mercado.

You're close enough to Macro Burger on Madero at Miguel Silva - open 21 hours. I recommend trying the platillos. If your budget is larger you might go another block east on Madero and try Bariloche's Argentinan cuts of beef. They do have a few lighter selections. Their menu can be confusing at first, hang in their. If unsure what cut, try the vacio. It seems to be the closest to a New York cut, somewhat.

For a good almost American burger do try Hamburguesas Richard's on Morelos Sur as Don Cuevas mentioned. You are well-located to get there easily on foot. Great little spots all around you too numerous to mention, but please do as you find your favorites.

I also suggest Fonda Marceva which is on Abasolo south of Aldama by a block or so. That is a favorite Mexican spot with regional specialties from tierra caliente. Warning is that some of it is very spicy hot. They are also open for breakfast though I have not tried their breakfast - Mexican breakfast I would assume. They get high marks for authenticity and good prices, also very comfortable seating either indoors or on their patios.

I'll try to remember more for you later. Do llok for GianCarlo's as your friend recommended. Also heard there is a similar menu at another Italian pasta restaurant on Bartolome de Las Casas that I have not tried. GianCarlo's gets good marks. Excellent basket of bread brought to your table after your arrive.

Good luck, hope we can meet up someday soon. Morelia is really a wonderland for many of us. Enjoy. -Peter
Re: New to Morelia-- Looking for Restaurants
Post Sun 28 Aug 2011, 18:36 by Amigo
La Piccola Italia is the Italian place on Bartoleme de las Casas. I accidentlly called it "Piccolo Roma." It was started by a binational couple, but the Italian guy got lazy, and his Mexican wife threw him out.

New to Morelia-- Looking for Restaurants

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