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 Cafetería San José, Calle Humboldt 181, Centro, Morelia

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Don Cuevas
Don Cuevas

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Cafetería San José, Calle Humboldt 181, Centro, Morelia Empty
PostCafetería San José, Calle Humboldt 181, Centro, Morelia

There are more than a few coffeehouses on the perimeter of Plaza Valladolid (San Francisco) in Morelia Centro. They are neighbors to the many Comida China joints.

We knew about Café Europa, La Lucha and perhaps a couple moer.

Yesterday, our amiga Rosa (of Casona Rosa, showed us a newly revealed cafetería, one which promised to be well above average. From my first impressions, it seems to be. The owner and manager, Sr. José Emilio Segura Balboa takes the art and production of coffee very seriously. He is dedicated to this to an unusual degree. He will gladly answer questions about coffee, its growing, production and brewing.

The shop is located across from the northeast corner of Iglesia San Francisco.across the side street at the corner is a Comida china, with (God help us!) $10 peso guisos.

More, maybe, later.

Click for map. Maybe.
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Cafetería San José, Calle Humboldt 181, Centro, Morelia :: Comments

I have been enjoying your map and you have several places yet for us to try. I might suggest you include Spaghettería GianCarlo located near the corner of Revolución on Aquiles Serdán. Oddly Aquiles Serdán is not labelled. It is the street just north of Madero and turns into Melchor Ocampo west of Morelos. The quality of the food and the modest prices I believe make it worthy of mention.
Don Cuevas
Spaghetteria Giancarlo added to custom Google Map.
Post Wed 10 Aug 2011, 05:35 by Don Cuevas
How could I have left out Spaghetteria? I'll add it to my custom Google map soon.

Just added it, with a nice blurb.

Don Cuevas
I can't seem to Edit/Modify these posts of mine that are in blog format. Is there some way that can be done? Like, what if I wanted to add a picture or a new bit of info? I guess I could write a reply to myself.

Don Cuevas

Cafetería San José, Calle Humboldt 181, Centro, Morelia

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