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 The Fonda Marceva Thread

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Don Cuevas
Don Cuevas

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PostThe Fonda Marceva Thread

The Fonda Marceva Thread IMG_0521

We had our second visit yesterday to Fonda Marceva, in Morelia Centro. A good friend had opined that the food quality had slipped recently. Since we have little record of experience, it's hard for us to judge.

This was our experience yesterday. (Cross posted to the Any Port In a Storm Forum)

Our comida (at 4:30 p.m.) started with a bowl of frijoles caldudos (soupy beans), hot handmade tortillas, and an excellent salsa roja.

The guacamole con chicharrón was a little too salty and the onion component was excessive, as well as chopped too coarsely.

I drank an excellent Tequila Herradura Antiguo with a sangrita on the side. (The sangrita was tomato juice based, and all right, but that at La Mesa de Blanca is unique and unsurpassed in my experience. We shared a small pitcher of cold, mixed fruit juices.

Doña Cuevas had the Pollo en Mole again, This time it came pre-shredded off the bone. This is a presentation that's strange to us.
The mole was good, but I sampled a bit, and thought that a certain harmony of ingredients was lacking this time.

I had Pollo Con Pipian, that is, chicken in a mild, creamy pumpkinseed sauce. Both chicken dishes came with a heap of rice, more tortillas and more frijoles, which we didn't touch. We finished with most of two sparkling mineral waters, and asked for the check. It was $256 pesos. Maybe about $22 USD. There was too much food for the money, so we took the leftovers back to the guesthouse.

I wasn't quite as impressed with the food as on our previous visit, but I certainly wouldn't write off the restaurant.
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Re: The Fonda Marceva Thread
Post Mon 08 Aug 2011, 08:27 by Peter
The pollo con pipian is a favorite of Tere's. Too bad to hear it's a different preparation in recent visits. It doesn't sound like you made an inquiry to know if there is a new cook or the other one is on vacation, we'll just have to see if it reverts back after awhile.

We have only visited Fonda Marceva maybe two times since we moved out of the Centro in February so don't have a good idea what is going on there of late. Tere knows some of the staff there ar Marceva, folks she had worked with at another restaurant in a previous incarnation, she will ask about the changes on our next visit.

Fonda Marceva has been on our list of favorites since we happened by there for the first time. Good, authentic recipes, comfortable and unpretentious atmosphere, good prices, all make it a pleasant experience dining there.

Warning: Some like it hot. That's fine for me, Fonda Marceva turns on the heat for some of their tierra caliente classics. If the traditional recipes call for full fire like the aporreado then that is the way they will prepare it. Anyone visiting there that is shy about chiles should consult the waiter before experimenting with new selections. Tere asks about this so she will get a mild meal, but if I hear them steering her away from something for that reason it goes on my list of things to try. The pork in salsa verde is excellent for me but it is not something for her. This is not a restaurant for gringo tourists from Minnesota, they have dishes to accomodate them well enough but if you fit this category just make sure to ask about your selection before ordering. Just a caution.
Re: The Fonda Marceva Thread
Post Mon 08 Aug 2011, 12:32 by Peter
Added your photo to the top of the thread. I like photos on the preview page. -Pete
Don Cuevas
Re: The Fonda Marceva Thread
Post Mon 08 Aug 2011, 14:29 by Don Cuevas
The lighting was difficult, and I was tired, so most of the pics I took were terrible.

Only one has my semi-approval. I call it "Guacamole with Waffles".

The Fonda Marceva Thread IMG_2002
Of course, the "waffles" are really made of chicharrón.
Re: The Fonda Marceva Thread
Post Sun 12 Aug 2012, 03:53 by Peter
Re: The Fonda Marceva Thread
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The Fonda Marceva Thread

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