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 LangosTiko's Beach Restaurant

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Don Cuevas
Don Cuevas

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LangosTiko's Beach Restaurant Empty
PostLangosTiko's Beach Restaurant

We first went to LangosTiko's Beach palapa restaurant back in 2004. We went there several times in the first few years after we moved here, but hadn't been in several years.

LangosTiko's Beach Restaurant IMG_1986
Ceviche de Pulpos.
After a recent visit to Migracíon, our paths converged by plan with Lucille’s at LangsTtiko's. It's in Morelia's Colonia Felix Ireta, an unlikely location for a beach themed, palapa roofed, casual seafood restaurant. It's located on Avenida Vicente Santamaria, about 4 blocks south of Solidaridad and south of Ireticátime. The cross street is Hurinda, running to the west.
Link to map

I have a menu at home from 2004, and the prices have risen a little. Where the Sopa de Ostiones was then $60, it's now $80, and has been for several years.

My capsule "take" on the food is that the cocteles and ceviches are the strong suit. The Sopa de Ostiones, prepared tableside, is exquisite. But among the platos fuertes, the chef's creativity is often unrestrained. I like seafood that's fresh and uncomplicated by rich, cheesey sauces and multi-combinations of rich ingredients. Besides, it's my impression that the basic fish filete is tilapia, one of the most boring, texture and taste deficient species ever promoted to the public. Even our beloved Mariscos La Güeras uses it. Crying or Very sad

So, this time we stayed with the worth cocteles, tostadas and ceviches. Lucille had a couple of attractive Tostadas de Camarón. The shrimp looked great on the unusually crisp, nearly greaseless, "nutty" tostada shell. (They come out of a package!)

 LangosTiko's Beach Restaurant IMG_1979

Sra. Cuevas had an attractively presented Coctel de Camarones, grande. She said that the shrimp were even shrimpier than those we usually have at Mariscos La Güera! Treason! Shocked
 LangosTiko's Beach Restaurant IMG_1983

As you walk into LangosTikos, the service and takeout counter has a refrigerated showcase with pans of attractive, cold seafood preparations. Among those are Tiritas al Limón, various ceviches and a couple of mayo based "salads" or spreads. I requested a half order of Ceviche de Camarones and another half of Ceviche de Pulpos. Thew were less pretty than the cocteles, they were good. I preferred the Ceviche de Camarones a bit more than that of the Pulpos, as the latter had a slight overdose of Maggi Jugo liquid seasoner, which made it a little saltier than I like. But I manged to eat all of both, accompanied with more of those taosty, nutty tostadas.

LangosTiko's Beach Restaurant IMG_1980
Ceviche de Camarones

It was a very enjoyable meal, with a new friend.

**** for food
***** for service
$$ (each $= $100 pesos Mexicanos per person) for price.
Restrooms: old, somewhat worn but reasonably clean.

Special notes:
You can get a Coco Frío hacked open to order, if you like that sort of thing.
There is a smoking area within the restaurant!
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LangosTiko's Beach Restaurant :: Comments

Re: LangosTiko's Beach Restaurant
Post Fri 05 Aug 2011, 08:43 by Peter
Tere and I have been to Langostikos a couple times and give it good marks for the food and decor. Other than the beach hut atmosphere we didn't really think it had anything to stand out above the others, though they did do some table-side preparations which makes a nice touch. La Jaiba that you directed us to has a couple dishes I prefer, using almejas in their filete rellenos for example.

We used to like La Palapa in the location close to us in the northwest part of the pereférico but its location was poor for traffic, difficult to back-track to if you noticed it while passing by and decided to stop in. They closed some time back and re-opened recently as Rincón de las Ranas. There is little to give it a high recommendation though their food is fresh and good. I do like their micheladas that have an attractive presentation, along with their proximity to our home I make an occasional afternoon of micheladas and botanas.

One of the attractions is seeing the new Wal-Mart commercial center being constructed across the libramiento and awaiting its opening. That, no doubt, will boost their traffic in the coming months. I did have a surprisingly good, large camarón and pulpo cocktail last week.

La Rana is not quite up to full-speed yet, IMO, but seem to be coming along. Those killer micheladas and its close proximity keep me going back, and now having tried that mixed cocktail I found another attraction.

La Palapa was our favorite spot for mariscos in the past, in large part due to its proximity. As La Rana it is not entirely different, just not quite up to speed yet. It does not have the beach hut atmosphere of Langostiko's or quite the menu of La Jaiba but the food is good and the prices are better.
Re: LangosTiko's Beach Restaurant
Post Fri 05 Aug 2011, 08:47 by Peter
Not absolutely sure but I thought that was LangosTiko's. Are you sure of the spelling?
Don Cuevas
Re: LangosTiko's Beach Restaurant
Post Fri 05 Aug 2011, 19:38 by Don Cuevas
I'm sure the spelling is correct, although the capital T in the middle is a bit of an affectation.

I have an old, 2004 menu nearby>>>

>>> Por cierto; es "LangosTiko's"

Have you eaten at Boca del Río, in Centro, not far from the lower end of the Mercado de Dulces? It looks simple and inviting. We have never tried it.

The day after eating at LangosTiko's, we met blogger Steve Cotton for lunch at Mariscos La Güera in Pátzcuaro. I had the Camarones para Pelar. There were about 15 medium shrimp on the plate, and that was the small size plate.
Don Cuevas
Retrn to LangoStiko's—Back already?
Post Tue 09 Aug 2011, 05:34 by Don Cuevas
Yeterday, with our friend, Rosa, of Casona Rosa, we wanted to eat at El Asador La Hacienda. But when our errant cab driver finally got us here, we found out it was closed. (Probably becase it was Monday.)

So thinking quickly, we guided our taxista over a few blocks to LangStiko's. (How could the guy miss the turn into Av. Morelos Sur and continue blithely onward, almost to Mercado Independencia? I got his attention there, and he turned down a crowded side street, and there caught in traffic, some tipo tried to get money from us, while holding his polishing rag. I felt mildly threatened, and I basically told him to piss off. (En Español, claro.) He retreated, and we went on.

At the restaurant...

After a stressful morning, Doña C. and I were in need of a good stiff drink, so I ordered una piedra, a stout concoction of Fernet, anís seco and vodka, on the rocks, with a club soda on the side. Later, I had a tiny glass of dry white wine with my main course.

Sra. Cuevas had her favorite cerveza Victoria. Sra. Rosa had agua natural.

For starters, mis compañeras had a large coctel de camarones (Rosa) and I don't remember what my wife had. It must have been mi piedra affecting my mind.

Doña Cuevas had a very nice Brocheta de Camarones, accompanied with great trimmings. See photo below.

LangosTiko's Beach Restaurant IMG_2024

Rosa was still hungry, so she ordered a Huauchinango mediano Al Mojo de Ajo.

LangosTiko's Beach Restaurant IMG_2027

I knew almost before I entered the restaurant that I would want the signature Sopa de Ostiones. The preparation was deft and swift. I asked the waiter to add a few drops of salsa Habanera, which he did, after warning me about its picor.
The soup was fantastic; one of the best renditions I've ever had there. About halfway through, I asked for some rice to add a bit more heft to the dish.

LangosTiko's Beach Restaurant IMG_2019

Many photos are in my new, dedicated LangoStiko's Picasa Web Album

When I asked our friendly, veteran waiter about a dish being prepared at the cold bar in a molcajete, he kindly brought it over so I could see it up close and get a photo. It was the most attractive presentation of Camarones en Aguachile that I've ever seen. (Again, although I was given warning of its picor, I will order this on our next visit. Damn the chiles, ¡adelante a toda velocidad !

LangosTiko's Beach Restaurant IMG_2029
Re: LangosTiko's Beach Restaurant
Post Tue 09 Aug 2011, 06:23 by Peter
Nice photos, looks appetizing. I believe you just about have Tere and I talked into making another trip to LangosTiko's again. I've had quite a taste for mariscos these past couple of weeks. We like the beach shack palapa atmosphere there.
Re: LangosTiko's Beach Restaurant
Post Sun 12 Aug 2012, 03:54 by Peter
Re: LangosTiko's Beach Restaurant
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LangosTiko's Beach Restaurant

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