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 Iguazu - El Placer de la Carne - Restaurant Brasileño

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Iguazu - El Placer de la Carne - Restaurant Brasileño Empty
PostIguazu - El Placer de la Carne - Restaurant Brasileño

Where's the beef? That is a question that need not be asked. Por la espada. More than you can eat, and then more. And good stuff too, filet mignon wrapped in bacon, costillas, sirloin, pork loin, you name it - well, no, not exactly, they bring you whatever happens to be up at the time. The meseros will continue to come around with knife and a sword full of meat then you just tell them how much you want of it. How much and when to stop, those are the choices you get to make.

Actually, you get a little more choice than that. You are greeted by the mesero and told about what to expect, then you are offered the choice of aperitif, lemon or coconut. You may order something additional to drink also. You are then brought a platter of rice balls followed by a bowl of soup, won ton is what we were given that day.

Bowls of salsa arrive, bread on a sword, chayote, rice, beans, beets, and the best potato salad I've eaten anywhere here in Mexico - very American-style like you would have with your 4th of July BBQ back NOB. By then the meseros begin to arrive with the swords full of carne, beef, pork, fowl, sausages, ribs, etc., and it just keeps coming, they brought us some cheese-bread muffins, and more carne kept coming. Finally, when you say enough, you are offered your choice of dessert, fried bananas with sweet leche or tapioca pudding.

I had a bottle of Corona with my comida, Tere had an agua de coco to drink. I believe drinks were the only add-ons we could have had with our meal that would effect the price. We were presented with the bill which came out to $536 for us and left them $600 pesos to cover the tip. This certainly was not a cheap meal but seemed worth the price for what it was.

The meats were all of good quality, tender and flavorful enough. The side dishes were excellent and you could have extras of those if you were so inclined - I almost ate all the potato salad it was so good. They offered me more tapioca pudding, which I declined, and Tere couldnt quite get through the two large banana pieces they brought her even with me helping.

The only criticism I have is that many of the meats tasted a bit too smokey for my tastes, they were cooked by rotisserie over an asador fired by leña, but the smokiness was easy enough to step around by asking them to slice off the meat where it had already been cut from so as to avoid some of the smokiness of the outter layer. Some of the more rapidly cooked meats were not as smokey tasting so that was not a univeral complaint. When the meseros come around with the different espadas you can pass up anything you may not like as well and you can double or triple up on another offering. It gets easier to be selective as the meal continues on.

Will we go back there again? Yes, in fact Tere suggests we make that an Amigos lunch event because the style of serving and the quality and type of meal lends itself well to a larger gathering - it would not strain the kitchen to serve 15 or 20 of us at once. I think that is a good idea and will bring it up soon.

We visited Iguazu on calle Isidro Huarte 75-B in col. Ventura Puente about a half-block south of Av Lázaro Cárdenas. Iguazu also list another location on Av Camelinas 2695 in col. 5 de Diciembre. There was a good-sized parking area alonside the restaurant which makes it a good drive-to location. They were also working on their patio in the lot next-door to put in a number of outdoor tables. It appeared they would be done with that in the next couple of weeks, so as a smoker I believe I will wait for them to finish this project before our next visit. I think I'll check with our Amigos to see if anyone cares to join us there soon.

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Iguazu - El Placer de la Carne - Restaurant Brasileño :: Comments

Dave and Rosy
Re: Iguazu - El Placer de la Carne - Restaurant Brasileño
Post Mon 18 Jul 2011, 20:48 by Dave and Rosy
Sounds GREAT to me... for Rosy, vegetarian, have they Pollo or only a salad menu?
Fowl was part of the offerings. It seems quite likely they would put on extra chicken and cordoniz especially for Rosy if the request was made. There was no veggies and bread-only offerings I was aware of.

Their telephone number is 443 317 3879 at the location we visited in col. Ventura Puente. 443 340 5533 at the location on Camelinas. You can call them to be sure but it seemed to me they would try to be very accomodating. Let us know if you plan to go.
Don Cuevas
Re: Iguazu - El Placer de la Carne - Restaurant Brasileño
Post Tue 19 Jul 2011, 12:13 by Don Cuevas
Peter, I thought you liked to smoke. Razz

Sounds good to me.
Ohhhh yes, count us in if you do one in September. Sounds like Argentina, only better. Very Happy

Iguazu - El Placer de la Carne - Restaurant Brasileño

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