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 2011 FERIA NACIONAL del COBRE - Santa Clara del Cobre

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2011 FERIA NACIONAL del COBRE - Santa Clara del Cobre - Page 2 Empty
Post2011 FERIA NACIONAL del COBRE - Santa Clara del Cobre

For anyone that might be interested in attending, this years confirmed dates are August 6th through the 17th. You may spot differing dates elsewhere (like I did) but this information is straight from one of the Directors at the Cobre Museo, who also happens to be one of the main organizers.
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2011 FERIA NACIONAL del COBRE - Santa Clara del Cobre :: Comments

Re: 2011 FERIA NACIONAL del COBRE - Santa Clara del Cobre
Post Sun 07 Aug 2011, 19:22 by cheenagringo
I have been waiting patiently all day for a report from Jim on their experiences from their Saturday visit!
Neil.... Sorry for the delay, but there is life away from the computer! We had a good time in Santa Clara de Cobre yesterday. We arrived before 10:00 am and had a leisurely breakfast in one of the little places near the main plaza. We sat on some benches until nearly 11:00 (when the parade was supposed to start), but there was no one in the seats of the reviewing area on the main plaza. Around 11:20, they all showed up en masse. Then followed 40 minutes of introductions and speeches by various politicians, guild presidents, etc. Evil or Very Mad

Finally at noon, the parade started. It was quite nice, including a float with the new queen and princesses, floats from the corn producers, floats from the copper artisan guilds (including real fires where they were firing copper, and then pounding it out with sledges), some Purepecha dancers, a float from a major avocado producer, and a large number of caballeros showing off their horses' dancing skills.

What's going to happen after this? I don't know. There was a large stage in the main plaza, but we couldn't find any program of events. There were flyers about the Feria, but no schedule of activities.

I don't know if the Feria succeeded in bringing in many visitors. While there were many folks gathered in the main plaza for the parade, my sense was that they were primarily locals. I think we were the only gringos in town.

2011 FERIA NACIONAL del COBRE - Santa Clara del Cobre

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