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 More in Store for FWB/Amigos Club Library/Classroom and Clubhouse

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More in Store for FWB/Amigos Club Library/Classroom and Clubhouse Empty
PostSubject: More in Store for FWB/Amigos Club Library/Classroom and Clubhouse   More in Store for FWB/Amigos Club Library/Classroom and Clubhouse EmptyTue 07 Jun 2011, 12:40

The Club library has been in the making for several weeks and available on request to members. Soon we should be having a kick-off party so that everyone has an opportunity to see the facilities available to our members as there really is more to this than meets the eye in these photos. We have more surprises ahead.

This year we started out with our virtual Clubhouse at Morelia Amigos, and expanded also to AMIGO and special thanks to David Haun for helping promote our activities on his interesting and very active Michoacán Net board Now we are attempting to put together enough attractions to have an interesting physical Clubhouse in an accessible area of Morelia and will have regular Clubhouse days and hours each week as well as classes and special events as desired. FWB/Amigos has never been a dues-paying Club no do we foresee a day when that will ever happen, and likewise participation in the Clubhouse will be free and open to all active members who meet with us at Club Campestre and our other events from time to time. Our classroom/library has a blackboard to my back in the photo, and the books include some easy-to-read Spanish copies of American classics by E A Poe and Huxley as well pulp novels and texts. Also available are Spanish-learning interactive computer program disks and wi-fi internet onsite.

More in Store for FWB/Amigos Club Library/Classroom and Clubhouse SAM_0299

More in store. Another project we are starting to move on is to have a small food store for gringo specialty items and brands that have been difficult or nearly impossible to find anywhere in the local Morelia/Pátzcuaro area. We intend also to stock a few popular items that may be more easily available but put them all under one roof. We don't expect to turn this into a major enterprise but rather keep it small and have it as a convenience and attraction for Club members and guests. This part is still in the works but we have space available for it next to our classroom/library. This space had previously been used as our neighborhood produce market operated by previous tenants and now awaits being put to good use. I hesitate to post this photo because we didn't "pretty-up" the place before the photo was shot but it does give an idea of space available for its use.

More in Store for FWB/Amigos Club Library/Classroom and Clubhouse SAM_0300

Also I have an idea about holding a monthly or quarterly Club potluck or perhaps instead an opportunity to bring your homemade goods to market or to share with your Amigos a few times throughout the year. We have a nice little dining room on the other side of the library and a huge patio and garden underway in the big house across the street that will accomodate larger Club gatherings and special events when it is completed. The space currently can be used but is under construction so I won't include any photos. Here is a shot of the dining room that we can use for smaller events while our Club is still small enough. Based on what we have observed this year our membership is growing and after these facilities are in full use our numbers will continue to climb as we welcome more Amigos into our community.

More in Store for FWB/Amigos Club Library/Classroom and Clubhouse SAM_0301

I hope to get some input from our Amigos at our coming meetings every 2nd Wednesday 3pm at Club Campestre. Very anxious to hear what you would like to have available and how you might like to be involved. Our classroom has more chairs that can be added as needed and can be used as a meeting room if you have something you would like to share with your Amigos.

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More in Store for FWB/Amigos Club Library/Classroom and Clubhouse
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