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Dave and Rosy
Dave and Rosy

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PostKurmudgeon Komments --

MIRALAGO Restaurant Lake Zirahuén lat-19.472103° lon-101.679350°
Smile Smile Smile Smile Rating 4 Stars

Yesterday, June 5th, we traveled to the south side of Lake Zirahuén and enjoyed the easy 25 minute drive from Pátzcuaro to this beautiful spot, nestled in a working farm and peach orchard with a spectacular view of one of Mexico's deepest lakes.

MIRALAGO Restaurant & Eventos
Maurilio Flores Garduña, Gerente
Av. Camelinas no. 1444 Col. La Loma
C.P.58290 tel. 434-234-79-34
A few pictures at this link:

We sat out on the patio and were glad to have arrived when we did. The restaurant was full and we watched 3 parties of wanna-be-eatings turn away because the kitchen was crafting approximately 30 orders and dining here is not a fast-food-joint experience. Please allow at least half an hour or happily more time to enjoy the great surroundings, smell the delightful aromas of what is to come and marvel at how wonderful to see a place filled with people enjoying themselves and dining on the beautifully prepared and presented fare. Location 5 stars however...

don't get me wrong, the Kurmudgeon Kriticizes... while enjoying this slice of heaven on earth, be prepared to defend yourself from hordes of common houseflies. We, this year, have traded the incredibly bothersome and venomous beasties of Veracruz for the flies of Michoacán and are glad to be rid of those eastern "chaquistes" which caused me so much grief. However, this lesser of two evils, still detracts from my dining experience. I must also offer that this Michoacán Menace, Musca domestica, is rampant even in my own house and yard. What to do, what to do? And while on the Kriticisms, this old Kurmudgeon knocks off a star for overall organization of the staff. Frankly, the help was a bit overwhelmed and needed Maurilio's able guidance to manage their assignments acceptably. When a business is so full of business, additional help is needed. We did all take great pleasure in watching the lake, the birds, relaxing, and enjoying the opportunity of seeing such a successful business in operation. Staff and Service 3.5 stars

Everything was immaculate, the table linens laundered impeccably; the white shirt and dress-slacked waiters; the kitchen workers, though slammed with all those orders, were happily rushing knowledgeably about their business, and even the scullery staff was tidy in appearance. Rosy commented on the Damas being very clean as was the Hombres. Cleanliness 5 stars

A well-stocked bar with reasonable pricing and the Indio cerveza was bien fria with a chilled glass. Though presented with a wide variety including meats of beef, pork, lamb and rabbit and mariscos aplenty, we chose fish: Trout Florentine, more than Rosy could eat and Halibut in Lemon Caper sauce together with a shared Mediterranean Salad. The trout was superb and the halibut, of course, was acceptable and made very tasty with the sauce. (note that Dave catches a halibut in about 10 minutes from the cabin in Alaska which once frozen, just ain't the same) and the salad was 5+ stars. All we two could eat and drink - less than $500 pesos.Food-Beverage 4.75 stars

We shall return and often. Maurilio, Thank You.
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Re: Kurmudgeon Komments --
Post Mon 06 Jun 2011, 17:27 by Peter
Wonderful! I always enjoy my visits to Zirahuen. Not sure I have eaten at that restaurant and never seriously paid attention to the names of any of them there. Giving any kind of restaurant review is a fairly recent exercise for me and it has been awhile since I have ventured out that way.

The moscas are more a seasonal thing, the vast numbers that is. Once our monsoonal rains start - any time now I hope - their numbers will greatly diminish, though there will always be one that will insist on being the life of the party.

Tere and I will need to coordinate with you and Rosy soon for some such outing. Hopefully we will see you at Club Campestre this Wednesday where we will have a couple casual hours to relax and talk about things to come.
Re: Kurmudgeon Komments --
Post Mon 22 Aug 2011, 18:58 by cheenagringo
Based upon Dave and Rosy's comments and a visit to the Miralago Restaurant website:
I suggested to my contact in Santa Clara del Cobre that we plan on lunch at this restaurant on Wed., August 17th. Just before leaving Albuquerque on the 15th, he called me and told me that the restaurant was only open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. But upon my arrival in Santa Clara on the 17th, he informed me that the restaurant was going to open up special for us.

So we headed up there for a 1pm appointment. There were three of us and we ordered: lamb lasagna, salmon fettuccine and lamb Zirahuaen (w/cheese & pine nuts). Since I am new to the concept of taking photos of the plates, I screwed up and didn't remember for this session. Each dish was received well and no negative comments on the presentation or quality of the food. On top of eating, we also consumed numerous cocktails and cervezas with a bill of about $800MXN. A very enjoyable experience in a beautiful setting.

On Saturday, the 20th, I took Kathy up for a visit as I had promised Maurilio during my previous visit. Not being in the mood for a another heavy meal at 3pm, we had cocktails and a couple of snacks and I have included photos in the photo album this time. A couple of classics - Tommy Bahama umbrellas and a bottle of 2 Buck Chuck as one of the wines being offered!

Dave has given a very complete description of the location and I will add that they have 2 suites (cabins) located on the property for rent (in my photos). These units rent for $1250MXN per night and are beautifully furnished.

I will also add that they are open Friday - Sundays starting at 3pm and closing around 7 or 8pm depending on the crowd.


Re: Kurmudgeon Komments --
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Kurmudgeon Komments --

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