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 San Francisco Pichataro

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San Francisco Pichataro Empty
PostSan Francisco Pichataro

On our last trip to Michoacan, we drove through San Francisco Pichataro one day and noticed all of the carved furniture shops. Being pinched for time, we didn't stop but swore that we would return. On the following Sunday, we had some time on our hands and made a return trip from Patzcuaro. During our return trip, we stopped at a shop that had an incredible set of carved furniture, pictured in the following:
The four piece set consisting of the chair, loveseat, sofa and table had an asking price of $2600MXP. While it was very tempting, our van was already starting to get full and it was a long way back to New Mexico.

In hindsight, I started considering a few things. We were there in August and I am guessing that this set was carved from "green wood". I did look closely at the carving and lack of finish. While it would not have been a big deal to sand the detail work, I was apprehensive about just how this furniture would stand up to a change to a drier climate and hold a finish after it had fully cured? Anyone with any experience in this area?

I would hate to go through the drill of allowing the wood to fully cure and then sand & finish only to have the wood crack or split.
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San Francisco Pichataro :: Comments

Re: San Francisco Pichataro
Post Sat 26 Feb 2011, 20:57 by CanuckBob
That's incredible craftsmanship. Hard to believe that those pieces can be bought for only $2600 peso's. I don't know about the New Mexico climate but I do know that my company imports a lot of wooden furniture friom Asia. We do have problems with it drying out and cracking in our stores in Alberta where in the winter the humidity is probably close to 0%.
Re: San Francisco Pichataro
Post Sat 26 Feb 2011, 21:05 by cheenagringo
Here in Albuquerque, we are between 5000 and 6000 feet above sea level with a very dry climate. As you know Bob, we have an import company and I hesitate to become involved with products which may become problematic. I have no problem instructing customers up front with what to look for and how to deal with it but returns we do not need!

Personally, we are very tempted to be "guinea pigs" by purchasing a set of this furniture and doing some experimentation with curing and application of tund or danish oil to see if it will stand up to the climate.
Re: San Francisco Pichataro
Post Sat 26 Feb 2011, 21:16 by Peter
You really actually get around a bit for a visitor to thes part,CG. I am glad you found Pichataro, it is the place I go for wood furniture and carved wood pieces. I found it as the back door into Paracho cutting of at Zirahuen and along the highway before Nahuatzén and Cherán. The prices they want there are unrealisticly low for work of such excellent quality.

I couldn't tell you about the pieces you saw. Try lifting some to see if the wood is dry or green. They don't craft such nice work with the idea of it cracking and breaking, it is meant to last.

Not sure of the dryness of New Mexico with the heat and all but at these altitudes this rarefied air itself is quite dry. I would expect with care you would be OK.

Too bad you could not purchase anything, that would have been a good place to do so. Now that you have discovered Pichataro I believe you are way ahead of the herd. I doubt a particular guide would not have known to take you there. Hope to see you when you come back this way.
San Francisco Pichataro
Post Mon 14 Mar 2011, 07:58 by dmhaun
There is a new road to Pichataro that begins on the south side of Eronga, just before the Pemex. It looks like a paved, two-lane blacktop that goes over the mountains, directly to the town, bypassing the Uruapan highway. Unfortunately, I have never taken it and someone said the new road stops at the railroad tracks and the rest of the old road is rough. Has anyone ventured on that road?
Don Cuevas
Re: San Francisco Pichataro
Post Mon 14 Mar 2011, 08:30 by Don Cuevas
Bienvenidos, DMHAUN!

We went through Pichátro a few years ago, on the way to Sevina and Nahuatzen. I took a picture of a unique advertisement for tortillas.

San Francisco Pichataro Piss_tortillas
Re: San Francisco Pichataro
Post Mon 14 Mar 2011, 08:39 by Peter
Thanks for the info, DM. Due to proximity I have suspected there may be a rabbit trail going out to Pichataro from around the backside but never felt so adventuresome to look for one. I rather like that side of the lake and it is part of a regular shopping run I make periodically leaving out of Morelia to Capula then on to Quiroga and most often culminating with comida at Campestre Alemán.

If there were a good road going into Pichataro from around there that would be perfect. I hope someone will come along to shed a bit more light on that. If so it could be the route I may prefer for going to Paracho in the future. It would likely not be the quickest route but would go through areas I like to visit.

I'm also guessing that would be the way to get to that highway and that there is not already a road going directly into Nahuatzén or Cherán that one could us and double-back to Pichataro? Thanks again, I'll be looking for that.
Re: San Francisco Pichataro
Post Mon 14 Mar 2011, 08:42 by Peter
Been awhile since I've been there, Don Cuevas, but that looks very "uptown" for Pichataro. Was that photo actually from there or Nahuatzén?

The tortillas don't sound all that appetizing. I may take a pass on them. Right, with an "a".
Don Cuevas
Re: San Francisco Pichataro
Post Mon 14 Mar 2011, 14:25 by Don Cuevas
Peter, I later learned, or surmised, that the "Piss" on the tortilla sign was something like "Pssst!" in English. It ws written to draw attention, and it certainly drew mine.
On a later trip, the "Piss" was gone from the sign.
Re: San Francisco Pichataro
Post Mon 14 Mar 2011, 14:53 by Peter
For a similar reason it is good to get accustomed to saying "queso" here as "cheese" often draws snickers if not guffaws.

Good also to get used to saying "chamarra" instead of English "jacket" because it sounds so close to the Spanish "chaqueta" which indeed in some parts is the word for jacket but in Mexico has a double-entendre for masurbation.
Don Cuevas
Re: San Francisco Pichataro
Post Mon 14 Mar 2011, 16:37 by Don Cuevas
Belated reply: yes, it was Pichátaro as entered from the south.

Re: San Francisco Pichataro
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San Francisco Pichataro

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