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 The Kitchen - The saga continues

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The Kitchen - The saga continues Empty
PostThe Kitchen - The saga continues

The Kitchen - The saga continues SAM_0282

I create a new chapter here in order to put behind that May Eve bacchanalia topic and also to make this story a bit more manageable and easier to wade through.

Still not complete, it lacks the tile backing that will probably be put on behind the stove soon, so the story continues as us 'master craftsmen" continue our own do-it-yourself improvements. We built the sink counter, the cabinets and shelves, and now have completed the two utility drawers under the counter. I also include a photo of the gas valves we made to accomodate the stove and salamander.

My special thanks go out to primos Marco and Vincente for sharing their expertise with us.

Here is a look at the utility drawers, the large one in the middle and a smaller one to the side of and under the sink drainer area. Sorry, a bit of a soft focus here.

The Kitchen - The saga continues SAM_0280

And with the drawers open. The sink was the deepest I could find in a standard configuration. I think a metal dish drainer would be a nice touch also. A little portable fan is nice this time of year when the weather is at its warmest. Necessary when "the heat is on".

The Kitchen - The saga continues SAM_0284

A closer look at the stove and salamander with the gas valves for a quick cut-off. Rather than piping-in the gas from the stationary tank on the roof this kitchen is on the ground floor and we're using a cylinder outside the kitchen at the edge of the garden. I expect one cylinder will last several months between changing out. Although gas is cheaper to purchase for the stationary tank vs buying by the cylinder the copper tubing is not. It could have been awhile before any gain was made for the lower gas price. We'll see.

The Kitchen - The saga continues SAM_0281

Note the plancha is becoming well used and exhibits tell-tale sign of hamburgers having been cooked on it. The deep fryer remains un-used so far but if I was to continue with hamburgers at the rate I started it would be necessary to get the fryer going for the fries. I mean, that's what it's for, right?

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Re: The Kitchen - The saga continues
Post Fri 13 May 2011, 18:24 by JimRP
Poco a poco. Looking good, Pete! Jim
Dave and Rosy
Post Fri 13 May 2011, 19:01 by Dave and Rosy
Buen Provecho
Re: The Kitchen - The saga continues
Post Sun 12 Aug 2012, 03:49 by Peter
Re: The Kitchen - The saga continues
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The Kitchen - The saga continues

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