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 Semana Santa 2011 - 17-24 April

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PostSubject: Semana Santa 2011 - 17-24 April   Semana Santa 2011 - 17-24 April EmptyTue 12 Apr 2011, 07:11

Semana is spring break for Mexico. Vacationers and Passion Play re-enactments mark this holiday in Mexico. During this week the beaches should expected be crowded as schools are out and many people are off work. This is a high-season for travel and hotels so some planning and reservations are in order. But why travel far this week when Pátzcuaro is one of the places known to celebrate Semana Santa in grand style?

Domingo de Ramos - Palm Sunday marks Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem and throughout many towns and villages groups will stage processions and re-enactments marking his entry.

Many people will be working throughout much of this week until Thursday, Jueves Santo.

Jueves Santo - This day commemorates the Last Supper and Jesus' arrest. Some celebrations include washing of feet and of course Mass and Communion.

Viernos Santo - Solemn ceremonies and processions bearing the Cross will take place throughout many colonias. People in Morelia can see these re-enactments down the calzada leading up to San Diego. Passion Plays and dramatic re-enactments of the Crucifixion of Christ commemorate this event.

Sabado de Gloria - In some areas it is custom to burn Judas in effigy for his betrayal of Jesus. This is done with paper mache and often represent political figures. Fireworks frequently accent this event.

Domingo de Pascua - This can be a solemn day for many as they attend Mass and have quiet family celebrations while others will celebrate with festivities of firecrackers and merry-making.

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PostSubject: Re: Semana Santa 2011 - 17-24 April   Semana Santa 2011 - 17-24 April EmptyTue 12 Apr 2011, 20:33

While we have never had the opportunity to attend, it is our understanding that the Artisans Fair in Uruapan occurs around Palm Sunday. From all of my research on this event, it is supposed to be one of the very best in Mexico!
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Semana Santa 2011 - 17-24 April
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