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 World Cup Tickets on Sale in Morelia

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World Cup Tickets on Sale in Morelia Empty
PostSubject: World Cup Tickets on Sale in Morelia   World Cup Tickets on Sale in Morelia EmptyThu 07 Apr 2011, 11:17

I should have posted this under Events sooner. It was lurking as a comment to an article under News, not even its own heading.
Quote :

“Ticket sales will be carried out in two stages. First will be groups and series of tickets, which we will get underway on Wednesday 30 March starting with Morelia, where the opening ceremony will be held,” continued De Luisa. “The rest, on sale as of 8 April, will be sold in different ways. Between 18 and 23 May there’ll be a special sale of individual tickets exclusively for VISA members, with these tickets going on sale to the general public from 24 May.”

After confirming that there will be a total of 1.2 million seats available, De Luisa made a point of emphasizing the diverse nature of the available sales channels. “We’re trying to make it easy to buy tickets. That’s why tickets will be available for purchase by phone and by internet via the FIFA webpage, and also via the Trophy Tour, which will stop in Morelia this weekend (2-3 April) and where tickets will be available for purchase. Tickets will also be available from stadium ticket offices. Group sales can be made at the local branches of the Local Organising Committee.”

Finally, in a fitting way of drawing the ceremony to a close, Vantolra and the officials present carried out the symbolic first purchase of a ticket for the FIFA U-17 World Cup Mexico 2011.

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World Cup Tickets on Sale in Morelia
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