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 Be Young at Heart - posted for Elaine

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Be Young at Heart - posted for Elaine Empty
PostSubject: Be Young at Heart - posted for Elaine   Be Young at Heart - posted for Elaine EmptyWed 06 Apr 2011, 20:51

Exercise class called "YOUNG AT HEART" three times a week under the trees in front of the planetarium in Morelia -- Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Exercise goes from 9:15 until 10 AM. Special helps from 10:00 to 10:30 for those who want to stay. Monday special part is walking, soft jog, or running, whatever you feel you can do. Wednesday the last part of session is lifting very lightweight dumbbells. Friday is Yoga on the mats.

The instructor is Adolfo, 62, a retired professor from Zacapu, who also teaches swimming in Morelia. He took an intensive course of Therapeutic Gymnastics in order to teach the class. Very professional and designed for 3rd stage of life (60 +). Elaine Wilburn still works and say she has to take the class in order to drive her war tank to Tennessee and other tedious predicaments her work gets her into. She says she likes it because the sets are 10 each and there is little soreness afterward because many different muscles are used and stretching. The class also does breathing to lower the blood pressure after every few sets. Elaine says the exercises help her with agility and balance.

First session is free and thereafter $10 pesos or $12 pesos a class. Just celebrated their 16 anniversary. Exercising under the trees year round is marvelous! Try it!


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Be Young at Heart - posted for Elaine
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