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 Do We Need to Get The Lead Out!

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PostRe: Do We Need to Get The Lead Out!


Please excuse my ignorance but I have been under the impression (probably from misinformation) that the type of pottery plates shown in your photo can be or may be problematic for lead. A total falsehood or is it problematic only with certain glazes or clay sources?
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Do We Need to Get The Lead Out! :: Comments

Re: Do We Need to Get The Lead Out!
Post Mon 21 Mar 2011, 19:16 by Peter
It may be true. These types of plates are very commonly used throughout Mexico. It doesn't seem to me there is a lead-poisoning problem in the country. These types of assertions are made NOB frequently and often made by a competitor.

Their may be some validity (or not) to those claims and perhaps take a lifetime of accumulation to matter, if at all. With the number of years I have left I am not concerned that these plates would cause me heavy-metals poisoning.

Everything in the US is so damn healthy I'm surprised the people there don't live forever.
Re: Do We Need to Get The Lead Out!
Post Mon 21 Mar 2011, 20:01 by cheenagringo
I certainly didn't mean to infer that we all need to be the least bit concerned about lead accumulations at our ages! We will all die from something and diminished capacity only comes naturally. I was more curious about the local's take was on this possible misconception. Admittedly, we have never looked at this style pottery from a business standpoint because of possible adverse exposure down the road.

You are absolutely correct about the over legislation of health issues in the US and your former home State is the worst! To give you an example: it has been an accepted practice for many years to point out that copper products, especially sinks, are naturally antibacterial and will inhibit bacterial growth unlike stainless, porcelain or other surfaces. People like ourselves that promote and sell copper sinks have always been able to make this claim. Now the FDA has entered the fray and have passed edicts whereby only certain certain manufacturers can make that claim. The irony behind this new program is that the only manufacturers allowed to make this claim use copper that is manufactured from directly from copper ore in contradiction to today's current Green Trend of using recycled materials. As you said, the two manufacturers in the US allowed to use this claim are only too happy to denigrate the Mexican manufacturers who are looking out for the planet by recycling copper! By the way, I ran across an interesting factoid - going back to the time of the Romans, 80% of all copper mined is still in play today because of recycling.
Re: Do We Need to Get The Lead Out!
Post Mon 21 Mar 2011, 20:16 by Peter
I haven't heard anyone here voice a concern over these plates. It seems the manufacturers may have been encouraged to use something else. Some of these that I had bought a couple years or so ago were using some kind of glaze that had a strong smell and would taint the food with it. Someone somewhere may have decided it was more politically correct to use a stinky glaze but I'm not convinced that eating that flavor was healthier for me. It didn't taste like it was any better. I'm sure their competitors thought so. They probably lost some business to them.
Don Cuevas
Get The Lead Out!
Post Mon 21 Mar 2011, 20:29 by Don Cuevas
I've always been under the impression that lead glazed pottery is risky only when in prolonged contact with acid foods. But I could be wrong.
Up to a couple of years ago, the Barro Sin Plomo organization had an office in the Basilica complex in Pátzcuaro, not far from the Mesón de San Antonio.
Do We Need to Get The Lead Out!
Post Mon 21 Mar 2011, 20:37 by Peter
Prolonged acid exposure may cause the glaze to come loose and could cause a problem like that.

I think I will split this thread now. I'm not sure adding my breakfasts with photos is going to be appetizing to anyone at this point. This issue deserves its own thread though.
Re: Do We Need to Get The Lead Out!
Post Mon 21 Mar 2011, 22:32 by Peter
cheenagringo writes:
"Good point! I really did not intend to hijack the post but it was a matter of curiosity that I thought the resident experts might have some insight. Along these same lines, Talavera Dinnerware that we do handle has been "certified" to be lead free."

- This was the best way I could figure to merge your post back into the thread.
Re: Do We Need to Get The Lead Out!
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Do We Need to Get The Lead Out!

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