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My wife Tere with actor Damián Alcázar, well-known for his starring role as Juan Vargas in La Ley de Herodes. Photo taken in the Portales in centro of Morelia during the recent international film festival.

Morelia/Pátzcuaro area, the state of Michoacán 908-tere-y-damian

Not sure if the photo will reproduce here but this is a test for it.
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While we had driven around the fringes of Morelia a number of times, we had never ventured into centro and really had the feeling that we probably had missed something.

Prior to our departure for Mexico, we prearranged with Jim P. to meet for breakfast at LU's located at the Hotel Casino. It was planned that Jim's wife Linda and two friends of theirs Clay and Dorian would be there. Quite appropriate since Clay and Dorian were from New Mexico and also involved in the copper business. I was a bit apprehensive about driving into centro since Morelia has typically given us fits but being...
by cheenagringo - Comments: 3 - Views: 891

Morelia is not known for its celebrations of Día de Los Muertos as the villages in and around Pátzcuaro, but that doesn't mean there is nothing to see or do here.
Morelia/Pátzcuaro area, the state of Michoacán 20111101-_MG_5389
Morelia/Pátzcuaro area, the state of Michoacán 20111101-_MG_5368
Altar in Plaza Morelos
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We have our orchidarium here in Morelia. Currently on display in the Convention center our amigo jcboyer took these photos he gives to share with us here -

Morelia/Pátzcuaro area, the state of Michoacán _MG_4549

Morelia/Pátzcuaro area, the state of Michoacán _MG_4546

by Peter - Comments: 0 - Views: 536

the scoop
What makes it great for you?

What are the petty irritations?

How about driving in the city. Guadalajara is very menacing.

How's the crime level?

Any other comments would be most welcome.


by raqueteer - Comments: 14 - Views: 715

This town has been on our hit list but we never seem to get there. So it is a for sure during our coming trip. As I understand it, they are primarily known for their brightly painted carved wood products. Not long ago, I saw a posting somewhere of someone downsizing and selling off some furniture. Amongst the items was a very attractive dining room set that I believe they stated also came from this town. Since the set wasn't painted, would I be correct in assuming that the products are either/or?

I also got the impression that Sundays may be the big day in town. Correct or does...
by cheenagringo - Comments: 3 - Views: 997

For anyone that might be interested in attending, this years confirmed dates are August 6th through the 17th. You may spot differing dates elsewhere (like I did) but this information is straight from one of the Directors at the Cobre Museo, who also happens to be one of the main organizers.
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Just ran across the above link for a Morelia Webcam which apparently is mounted on the Hotel Virrey de Mendoza. Looks to be a tad cloudy today.
by cheenagringo - Comments: 6 - Views: 677

While I have ready plenty of articles that attribute the lesser population of Monarchs' in Michoacan to deforestation in Mexico, I thought that the following article brings some interesting information to the table:
"The monarchs’ numbers have been cut in half in recent years, some researchers say, and they put much of the blame on hardier farm crops here in the Midwest.
by cheenagringo - Comments: 0 - Views: 501

When doing research for our previous trips to the area, I had read that Quiroga was known for "black pottery". However, we have never been successful in finding any while admittedly allocating too little time to really search for such. We hit the pottery shops/stands on the Zacapu side of Quiroga pretty hard and saw nothing along these lines.

Were we looking for something that doesn't exist or is there a particular area of Quiroga where one can find such?
by cheenagringo - Comments: 7 - Views: 739

Patz Copz Bust Lot
Patz Copz Bust Lot

Elementos del Ejército Mexicano reventaron una pensión de autos ubicada en el centro del municipio de Pátzcuaro, donde lograron decomisar vehículos de reciente modelo que habían sido robados además de incautar armamento de alto poder.

De acuerdo con informes de la XXI Zona Militar, los elementos castrenses se constituyeron en la calle Humada en el domicilio marcado con el número 67 de la colonia Centro, luego de...
by Don Cuevas - Comments: 0 - Views: 634

Not sure from a regional standpoint if this belongs in this section?

One day when doing a "loop drive" out of Patzcuaro, we ended up finding San Jose de Gracia almost by accident. We had wandered into Patamban and Ocumicho looking for artisans and then headed for the highway junction at Camecuaro. All of a sudden, there was the town of San Jose de Gracia (no sign).

Since Kathy has an interest in Pina Pottery, we had to stop an look and naturally purchase a couple of pieces. This is the town known for developing the Pina style and some of the workmanship and...
by cheenagringo - Comments: 10 - Views: 2380

One of Michoacán's Best Restaurants
We returned with friends yesterday to the delightful Mesa de Blanca at Ziracuaretiro. This was, if I've counted correctly, our fourth visit in just under a year. We'd also been to the breakfast only restaurant, "El Gorjeo de Las Aves En Las Mañanas de Abril", owned and operated by the same couple on two other occasions. Both are very attractive, El Gorgeo almost Eden-like, but overall, the menu selection is more extensive and interesting at La Mesa de Blanca. Note that El Gorgeo is open for breakfast everyday, from 9 to 1, and La Mesa...
by Don Cuevas - Comments: 3 - Views: 746

On our last trip to Michoacan, we drove through San Francisco Pichataro one day and noticed all of the carved furniture shops. Being pinched for time, we didn't stop but swore that we would return. On the following Sunday, we had some time on our hands and made a return trip from Patzcuaro. During our return trip, we stopped at a shop that had an incredible set of carved furniture, pictured in the following:
by cheenagringo - Comments: 10 - Views: 1142

Just off the well trod tourist trail lies the mysterious Barrio Viejo
We were visiting a friend at her new rental house in Pátzcuaro. The street we drove up was Alcantarilla*, a narrow callejon that begins between the Museo de Artes Populares and the Ex-Colegio. Although not extensive, this area of the city somewhat resembles Guanajuato or Toledo, Spain. The street is narrow, and ought to be one way only, but I saw vehicles, including a cerveza delivery truck going down the wrong way.

After looking over our friends new dwelling (actually a vintage house) several blocks away, and outside of the pcturesque Barrio Viejo (my name for the sector), I...
by Don Cuevas - Comments: 2 - Views: 630

A good soak in a naturally heated pool is always alluring. The area around Los Azufres is well known. But what about the balnearios of the north shore of Lago Cuitzeo, as at or near Huandacareo? Are they true hot springs, and how much is dedicated to kiddie water parks, with slides and kids on every side? (Something we prefer to avoid.)

Late last year, a poster on the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree, Mexico Branch, told me about her pleasant experiences swimming at a balneario at Araró. We wanted to check it out, but regional security conditions were "heating up", and as the weather...
by Don Cuevas - Comments: 2 - Views: 1195
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